Dog Breeds You Would Love to Keep as Pets

Dog - Casper Official Post
Casper says “Hi” Photo: ©SMS – Photos of a Lifetime

Today we beginning a new series – Pets!

With 69 million dog owners and 45 million cat owners in the US, how can we not include these furry creatures in our articles? Especially when we can offer health-related information!

Our favorite is Maltese as noted by our photo of Casper. Playful and fun pets and cute as can be, but according to recent surveys, the five most popular breeds are listed below.

So let’s begin with today’s article on what dogs are considered favorites. (That doesn’t mean we don’t love all our pets!


Photo of boxer dog
Photo by Amber Turner on Unsplash

These dogs are trendy and are great at dog shows and are known for standing up on their hind legs and using their front legs to compete against their opponent. Because of this, they were, unfortunately, used for dog fighting – a large competitive game in Germany back in the 19th century, but we are happy to say that this ‘game’ if you call it that has been ruled illegal. 

They were the favorite choice for Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall who got one as a gift on their wedding day. People love keeping these dogs because they are active, fun-loving, great watchdogs, and have bright personalities. 


Photo by Fredrik Öhlander on Unsplash

Poodles are cute and fluffy canines with airy curls over them. But do not get confused with this endearing appearance, they may have curls but they are not just fluffy toys. Instead, they are very smart, clever, and very obedient. They are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet!

Poodles are loved mostly by women and girls because of their fluffy hair, obedient nature, and of course the variety of coat colors they come in. White, gray, black, and apricot – the ladies have a lot to choose from, and men do too!

French Bulldog 

French Bulldog
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

People who do not want to own a huge bulldog can opt for the small and adorable French bulldogs, called ‘frenchies’. These little cuties are very friendly and social.

If you want to own a pet to sit with you on your couch, a French bulldog would be a smart pick. They have square heads, bat ears, and wide eyes and are well-mannered, affectionate, and loyal dogs, but they can’t swim, so don’t bring them to your backyard or community pool! 

Their history goes back to the wealthy English in the 1800s and that status was maintained up to the early 20th century in the US.

Although they are called French bulldogs, we are sorry to announce that they don’t speak French.


Dog Rottweiler
Photo: iStock

The Rottweiler breed goes back to Roman times. They have a tough look, but they are extremely devoted, loving, and caring companions. Having a muscular build and size, Rottweilers are used by many for home security. 

Interestingly, their personalities intimidate people and one must keep an eye on them when they are around children. These dogs have a habit of bumping which can harm kids, so a word of caution there, but if you are looking for pets that will help keep your house safe and lovable as well, then a Rottweiler would be a smart pick. 


Beagle Dog
Image by Denise Coyle from Pixabay

Beagles are famous for their intellect and intelligence. Many law enforcement agencies use Beagles to sniff as they are exceptional hound (hunting) dogs.

In addition to intelligence, they are friendly and social around people. This is why many people prefer keeping them as pets and kids love them. If you are looking for a friendly pet with intellect, then investing in Beagles is a smart choice. According to research, these dogs howl a lot but it can be controlled by training them. 

What to Choose?

Dogs are known for their trustworthiness and faithfulness but don’t just go by these five breeds. Talk to friends and relatives who are dog owners and see what they have to say and then decide on which dog breed you would bring home for your pet!