When is Nursing Home Care Recommended for Seniors?

Happy Senior CitizensA common question among family members with senior loved ones is when is the best time to move the elderly from the home to a nursing home? While most senior persons prefer to live the remaining years after the retirement in their own home, sometimes their health conditions necessitate moving to a nursing facility.

A number of factors should be considered when deciding on the best option for the senior person. In this article, we will discuss some of the situations where a nursing home is preferable for the seniors instead of a home care.

1. Problems in Performing Daily Activity

A nursing home is a right choice when the senior individual cannot perform daily activities such as bathing, dressing, driving, and shopping grocery items. Nursing home care providers can help the senior individual in performing the daily chores.  

The friendly and welcoming professionals at the nursing home will ensure that the senior person has no problem while performing their daily tasks. This is especially helpful for senior individuals that suffer from physical or mental problems that prevent them from performing the daily chores.

2. Suffering from Health Disorders  

Taking Care of the ElderlySenior persons that are in advanced stages of Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease can greatly benefit from nursing home care services. The nursing home ensures that the elderly individual is offered round the clock assistance and surveillance that is not possible when residing at the home. So, if the elderly individual suffers from a serious medical condition, moving him or her to a nursing home would be recommended.

3. Reside in Remote Place

If the senior resides in an area where immediate medical assistance is not possible, then the best option is to move the individual to a nursing home. The nursing homes offer facilities that ensure that the senior person gets the immediate medical service whenever needed.

In the unfortunate event that the senior individual suffers a heart attack, the nursing home care personnel will make sure that the person receives immediate medical care to minimize the damage.

4. Alone at Home

Dementia PatientA nursing home is a right option when the senior who is leading a post-retirement life is mostly alone at home. Nursing homes offer plenty of opportunities for the residents to lead a socially active life. Residents of the nursing home lead a satisfying life while taking part in a number of activities that are organized by the nursing home administration.

Most people want to live the remainder of their post-retirement life full of fun, joy, and laughter. Nursing homes can offer an environment for the elderly to live an active and enjoyable life. The facilities offered at the nursing homes can ensure that the senior person has quality time without facing any hardships that manifest due to advanced age.

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  1. Your final point about when a senior loved one lives alone, you should consider moving them to a nursing home, was really great advice. My great aunt lives alone now, and I worry about her as she also has some health issues. If she could have access to help at all times, it would be a huge relief to her kids and me. Thanks for the great article.

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