Nursing Homes for Alzheimer’s Afflicted Patients

Old WomanNo matter how close you are to your loved one, eventually most people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease do require the additional care provided at a nursing home. This is because the disease worsens with time, requiring 24/7 surveillance. Nursing homes ensure that the people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are secure and in good, well treatable environment.

It may feel like being stabbed by a thousand knives at once having to leave behind an Alzheimer patient in a nursing home, but it is the only appropriate solution for the advanced stage of the disease. Knowing that you are making the right decision for your loved one. Below are some suggestions on how to find the appropriate nursing home for Alzheimer’s afflicted patients.

Types of Nursing Homes

With the progress of the disease, there are increase physical and mental challenges individual caregivers have to tackle (at home) with each passing day. Therefore, the nursing homes are a safe haven where the patient will obtain the proper healthcare and treatment. There are two basic types of nursing homes available for people suffering from Alzheimer’s:

  • Basic Care: This type of care covers personal care such as dressing, bathing, using toilets, laundry, eating and simply moving around the place.
  • Professional Care: The professional care requires the services of skilled professionals such as nurses, occupational and physical therapist who will monitor the health condition of the afflicted individual. The professional healthcare specialist will provide treatments.

Services Provided at Nursing Homes

Even though the services at different nursing homes vary, you will commonly discover the following facilities being provided:

  • Emergency services round the clock for critical situations
  • Lodging and boarding services
  • All sorts of personal care along with supervision
  • Fun filled activities to keep the patient engaged

What should you look for in a nursing home facility for people suffering from Alzheimer disease?

Fees and Insurance

The fee structure for nursing homes is quite high for long-term care facilities, but you must analyze the differences in the levels of services offered on different packages. Find out about billing structures, acceptance of medical insurance coverage and the exact services that are a part of the quoted fees.

Facilities and Level of Care

Taking a deep look at the facilities is also extremely crucial. Your quest for the best nursing home should not end until you have discovered an Alzheimer’s care facility that will completely provide all the services that you think that your loved one will require. Level of care should never be compromised upon. Knowing the visiting schedule is also important.

Assessment and Admission Requirement

Find out if there is a designated waiting period before the admission of the patient. Find out how the care plans of individuals are devised—are they the same or are they customized? How often an assessment is conducted to determine the services that a particular resident requires?


Visit the nursing home prior to the admission and meet other patients. Looking at their condition will let you know whether the rights of the residents are violated or not. If you can manage to talk to volunteers and staff, it would help in shaping an opinion.

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