Senior Citizens are Living Longer, Better Lives

Happy Senior Citizens
Will the health care industry be able to keep up with the growing elder population?

According to a study from researchers at Harvard University, people are living longer due to major advancements in medical technology. In view of this, the aging population has been a source of great concern for the already-overworked healthcare industry. A study from the Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress found that hospitals in New York’s Hudson Valley region are not prepared to meet the demands of the aging population; however, a number of nursing homes are preparing for the additional patients that will be coming.

What the Study on Senior Care Suggested

Under lead advisor Daniel Z. Aronzon, MD, former chief executive officer of Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, the organization compiled a 92-page report entitled “Aging in the Hudson Valley: Is the Healthcare System Ready?”

According to the report, the region should prepare for a greater need for providers to handle the capacity and better facilitated end-of-life care, among other changes that will be necessary to continue providing quality care for the region’s population.

“Models of increased consolidation and integration in other parts of the country, which result in better outcomes and lower costs, provide valuable lessons in the Hudson Valley’s pursuit of better healthcare,” the authors wrote.

Costs of Upstate Health Care for Senior Citizens

The report also pointed out that the median daily cost for skilled nursing facilities in Hudson Valley could be as high as $405 for Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties.

Based on data from the New York State Department of Health’s Resident Health Care Facility Bed Need – 2016 report, Hudson Valley will have to increase beds in skilled nursing facilities by 93.10% in order to meet the growing needs.

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