World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day happens on February 4th. It is an international day to spread awareness of cancer and to help encourage the prevention of cancer. The day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control. UICC is a non governmental organization that is membership based and was founded in 1933. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the organization, which is a parent organization of World Health Organization, is striving to help the global health community accelerate the fight against cancer.

Part of UICC’s mission is to bring together the global cancer control community. A World Cancer Congress is held every two years for members and partners to learn, share, and discuss. A group of key meetings is also scheduled for Europe, Latin America and Asia with the Global Roundtable Series. A World Cancer Leaders’ Summit is also held every year dedicated exclusively to increasing global cancer control. Health leaders as well as leaders of international business take part. World Cancer Day is part of this mission in order to promote and raise awareness and education about cancer. This day helps unite the world and puts pressure on governments and people around the world to take action and do everything they can to increase research and funding towards curing cancer.

From 2016 until 2018, World Cancer Day’s tag line is “We Can. I Can.” The goal in these next two years is to explore how individuals as well as a collective of people can contribute to reduce the global burden of cancer. Cancer affects us all in different ways, and because of this we each have the power to take different actions in order to reduce the impact this terrible disease has on families and communities.

Support World Cancer Day

One way to help is to reduce the risk of cancer in oneself. It’s important to make healthy lifestyle choices and understand that early detection saves lives. This can help prevent an individual by decreasing their chances of cancer as well as inspire those around them to do the same. Challenging perception and creating healthy environments educates and benefits all. Improved access to cancer care is extremely important and along with shaping policy changes and mobilizing our networks to drive progress will definitely make a difference. It is also important to share your story which can help inspire others and give those that are experiencing similar concerns some support. We have to all make a case for investing in cancer control and research. Working together for increased impact is a goal of World Cancer Day. Together, we can reshape the future and develop a cure for each and every cancer affecting millions worldwide.