How Important is Your Mental Health to You?

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The mental health of a person plays a major role in the overall health of an individual since in today’s world, everything moves at a faster pace, which can lead to burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression. While a lot of attention wasn’t given to it previously, it has become evident that one’s mental health should be addressed properly, and in some cases, the proper authorities notified if the person appears to be a threat to him/herself or someone else. So let’s take a closer look at how you can maintain a healthy mind and body in this fast-paced, overwhelming environment that we live in today.

First, we must be aware of how easily the growing surroundings around us can make us flustered. Case in point: being ‘busy’ in today’s social circles is considered to be an honorable trait. While it is admirable and healthy to be active, especially in your senior years, it can lead to a decline in your mental stability if you do too much at once. This can lead to a feeling of overwhelmed and subsequent stress, depress or something worse. Employee burnout has quickly become one of the biggest challenges that businesses have experienced. It’s been termed as the new normal because it occurs so frequently.  

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It doesn’t have to be this way

This has led to the World Health Organization declaring in 2018 that depression is a global crisis with over 300 million people suffering from it. This number consists of people from all age groups, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and more. Around 800,000 deaths per year are attributed to depression. Despite this growing awareness, around 10% of people seek therapy or medication. The number of people with undocumented mental conditions is considered double the number of registered cases.

Even if you aren’t experiencing a mental health problem, it is a good idea to actively self-evaluate your mind to ensure that you are in a state of wellbeing. Your mental health is connected with your sense of self and if it didn’t play an important role in your life previously, it should now.

Why Should it be Important?

Mental health doesn’t just contribute to improving your sense of wellness, it also ensures that you are able to go about your life without worries or problems. The following are some benefits that you can get when you pay attention to your mental health and put it first:

Better Productivity

A healthy mind can allow you to be more productive in everything you do. Self-doubt, anxiety, and stress are physically draining and can lead to fatigue, illness, and depression. While the performance at your job is important, by looking after your mind, you can actually boost your productivity. It can also cut down on your absenteeism and help you be more focused on your work. So be sure to take breaks and avoid being chained to your desk.

Improved Interpersonal Relationships

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Interpersonal relationships are built on emotions and if you’re channeling negative energy, your relationships are also going to reflect this factor. You might have shallow relationships or ones that are toxic for all involved.

Take a moment to step back, breathe and evaluate your mental condition. Invest in self-caring activities that allow you to curb your negative, unhealthy behavior or your thinking patterns. By actively monitoring them, you can improve your mindset and in turn, improve your interpersonal relationships.

More Successful

In today’s world, many people define success as material possessions. On the other hand, a person’s definition of success can differ. If giving into the rat race is causing you to feel depressed or anxious, take a step back.

Finding success in something that you are passionate about is a better course of action and when you are mentally healthy, you will understand this aspect more. It will help you come to a decision more easily and allow you to pick a route that you will be more successful at. Thinking with a clear head will play a major role in defining your success.

Better Health

Stress and depression are silent killers that not only affect your mind but also contribute to physical health problems. According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the leading contributors to disability and physical problems that can severely mar a person’s quality of life.

A study conducted in 2012 by the Health Services Research highlighted how people with mental health problems were more likely to seek treatment if it had impacted their health. The correlation between the two conditions might not seem significant, but subjects who received treatment noted that their physical health improved as their mental health got better.

How to Put it First

A major issue is that many people don’t always consider putting their mental health first and usually have unhealthy habits that are difficult to let go of. For this reason, they’re either hesitant or don’t know where to turn to when looking to improve it. The following are a few pointers that can help you improve their mental health.

Seeking Professional Help

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If you feel like it, seek professional help. The stigma associated with going to a therapist or a psychologist is why some people have an undiagnosed mental condition. Even if you don’t have a mental illness, going to a therapist is still helpful for you. They can assist you, particularly if you are experiencing burnout and need someone to talk to, and don’t be afraid to go. You’ll be surprised how many doctors and police visit a psychiatrist every week.

Setting Boundaries

One of the major ways in which someone might seek acceptance from others is by agreeing to what they say. Learn to say no. People are inherently polite and want to please but don’t let this come at a cost to you. If something makes you uncomfortable, if it is unreasonable or if you are just unable to do it, just say no or at least say that you will think about it and contact them later.

Learn How to Chill!

One gentleman told us something that everyone should do. He said when things appear overwhelming, just sit back and confront each issue step by step in contrast to all at once. Write the issues down on paper. Then look at each one and separately and calmly ask yourself ‘how can I fix this issue?’ It may not be one simple fix but may require a number of steps. Either way, organize it so that you have a clear understanding of how to proceed with each step. Once these issues are clearly laid out in front of you, you will feel better on how to approach them, which will help reduce your anxiety and consequently you’re the whole outlook on the situation and yourself. It’s a simple physiological chain reaction and it works!

Put Yourself First

Start putting yourself first. Many people will put everything else first except themselves. From the demands of the job to the wants and needs of their parents, their siblings, their pets, and more, they’re giving so much to others that there is nothing left for themselves. For once, do things that you like and that is better for your mental health. Always remember that putting yourself first is not selfish, even if it might feel like it at the start.  

Remember, a strong mind leads to a strong body. By actively taking measures to improve your mental health, you can make a significant difference in your life and the lives of others around you.