Moving to a Nursing Home – How to Deal with Emotions

Saying goodbyes is always a very difficult task. Now that it is time for your father, grandparent or any old member of your family to move to a nursing home, it may be a very stressful process. Regardless of the reason behind them moving to a nursing home, moving brings a number of different emotions along with some unforgettable memories and tears. One does not leave a place; instead, they leave behind some familiar and loving memories.

Moving to some other place is not easy. So, here’s a small guide to help you deal with the stressful emotions.

How to Ease the Transition?

Change cannot be accepted easily as after all, it is not easy to move on and accept things the way they are. But if you want to ease the transition, check out the elements below.

Take Time

If you are the one who has sent the elder member of the family to the nursing home or are yourself being moved to a nursing home, then it is for both. When the person sends someone to a nursing home, they may feel guilty about it as they might think that they were not able to care or look after them. They could also feel sad that their loved one has to go through the transition and difficulties. Also, the old person who is sent to the nursing home may not feel like they are at home and may not like the environment.

In both of these situations, both of you need to stay calm and patient, even though it not very easy to do so. In short, you need to take time. Only time can heal the emotions, change and transition. All you need to work hard on is to sweep aside the anger and grief under the rug. You anger and guilt will only intensify the feelings; hence, it is better to give time to things and yourself.

Make the Elder Person Decide

To ease the transition, you should let the older adult decide the nursing home. While there might be several options available, you should let them choose which nursing home to opt for and which one is best for them. Make them visit the nursing homes and leave the choice to them. If the older person is unable to do so, the members of the family should make a collective decision and make the process easier for them.

Stay in Touch

Staying in touch and in contact is of paramount importance. If you keep in touch with the person, it will make them feel like they are at home. You can call them, send them emails and letters to make them feel special. To help them ease through this transition, you can make visits with other family members and their friends as well. This is a good idea for change. Keep them in the loop about everything, be it a small or a big matter. Keep them informed about everything so that they do not feel left out of the family events and feel involved instead.

Change is not easy but we hope that with this guide, you will be able to deal with the transition and stressful emotions much more easily.

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