Five Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Do you know that approximately 24 million people in the United States are a victim of diabetes? It is a serious and lifelong condition that can take some people towards certain death. Given that diabetes is a very dangerous disease, many people may not be aware of the symptoms; therefore, we are providing some symptoms that are commonly associated with diabetic patients.

Strong Hunger

When you are suffering from diabetes, your cells do not get energy. Due to this, insulin is not at all present in your body or it is not in its proper working condition. Since your body is drained of energy, your body reacts to finding more energy, generally in form of food. Ultimately, it causes intense hunger. This is the reason why we see so many diabetic patients getting hungry and eating promptly.


This point is associated with the previous one. When you eat too much, it causes weight gain and a person becomes obese. In addition to that, obesity is mostly found among people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is commonly seen in them because patients having type 2 diabetes suffer from insulin resistance. So, if such patients want to control obesity, exercising would be one consideration.

Frequent Urination

If you feel that you go to the bathroom more often than you should, consider consulting your doctor. Going to the bathroom frequently is not a normal condition. When your body has an excessive amount of glucose in your body, then you urinate more often. Additionally, when you urinate abnormally, you will also have to compensate for that lost liquid. For that, you will surely require drinking more water to keep yourself hydrated.

Dry Mouth

Your body would be using more than the normal amount of fluids causing the frequent urination mentioned above, so you must work to keep yourself hydrated. If you don’t or even if you do, you could get dehydrated (not a good thing) and your mouth will feel dry. Dry mouth also leads to faster tooth decay and possibly bad breath.

Unclear Vision

When you suffer from diabetes, blurry or unclear vision is also one of the common symptoms that you might face. Research predicts that retinal disorders are normal in case of diabetes. This is normally caused because the tissue is being pulled out from your eye lenses, thus affecting your ability to focus. If you take actions beforehand, then it can be treated properly and can save you from prolonged vision issues.    

Bruises Take Time to Heal

When a person is free from diseases, their bruises and cuts cure timely. However, the injuries of those suffering from diabetes usually take longer to heal and cure than that of other healthy humans. This again happens because of the excessive amount of glucose in your body which undermines the ability to cure the marks.

If you are facing any or all of these issues, it is time to visit your doctor. Normally, diabetes is detected by carrying out a urine test followed by a blood test to see whether or not excess glucose is present in your body. Most people live normal lifespans with the proper treatment and medication. If you feel you might be contracting this disease, you should go for a checkup so you can be properly diagnosed and if the results are positive, you can get the appropriate treatment.

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