Five Reasons to Volunteer in a Nursing Home

Are you at that phase of your life where you have nothing but time on your hands? If so, then you can only belong to one of the two kinds; you either want to spend all your time lounging around the house or you want to experience something new and different that you haven’t had a chance of doing before. Needless to say, the latter is always a good idea. So, while you search long and hard about some life-shattering and eye-opening experience, let us advise you to look a little closer and maybe think about the nearest nursing home in your vicinity.

There are many good reasons to spend your free time with the elderly but most importantly, it can also be as life-changing as you want it to be. It will just happen a lot subtly. Still not convinced? Allow us to do the honors:

Become a Better Person:

Could there be a better goal in life than that of becoming a good person? No, there isn’t. Fortunately, it is a goal that doesn’t require money or fame. Doing small things for others can make you a hero; whether it is pushing someone’s wheelchair, reading stories to someone or just listening to what they have to say. Little acts of kindness can become a big sea of good deeds.

Elders Have a Lot To Tell:

If you are ever feeling down or are caught in some dilemma of life, then who do you think would be better company? Your best friend who is almost as confused as you are or the elders who have already been through this thing in which you are drowning in? Spending some meaningful time with them can not only help them stay young but will also help you become wiser.

The Fear of Death Will Recede:

Old age and death is something that we think about as little as we can. However, not planning or not thinking won’t change the fact that one day, we’ll all grow old and we’ll all die, not exactly in that order. Spending more time with the elderly will help you appreciate old age too and after remaining in the company of brave old souls, you will realize that death isn’t that scary anymore. Most people are absolutely ready when their time comes.

You’ll feel Appreciated:

A large number of us rarely feel appreciated. That’s just how the world is. Parents are always asking us to be one thing or the other, siblings are usually just annoyed by our presence and it’s impossible to even think that our existence is appreciated by anyone, except a select few. But, if you pay attention to the faces of the elderly people you meet every day, you’ll notice how they smile as soon as they see you, how they have been waiting for you all day long and how they are genuinely smiles to have you with them. The old people sure know how to make us feel appreciated.

You Get to Learn:

By watching nurses roam around and taking care of the old, you are certain to learn a few things. If not a proper profession, then at least you’ll know how to take care of old people much better than most other people.
We usually believe that nursing homes need volunteers like us. However, what we don’t realize is how much we need to have them around us.

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