Visiting the Elderly – A Habit That Can Keep Them Young

Daughter with father
Spending time with your elderly loved ones keeps them busy and healthier

Your grandmother is in a nursing home with whom you used to stay all the time with when she was home; we often feel sympathetic towards our elders who are living in a nursing home, but that is the only thing we do for them. How come we never consider visiting them? 

Most of us have a perception of nursing homes being a depressing place or that visiting our elders is not just cool enough. We are hugely mistaken on both accounts. First-off, the nursing homes of today not only provide the most excellent care to their elders, but also have many activities and other things planned that keep the elders occupied. Moreover, senior citizens get to meet people like them and of their own age. The only thing lacking from their life is a visit from their loved ones.

There are many good reasons for you to visit your beloved elder. Here are some of them:

Keeping A Check On Their Health:

They are your own flesh and blood and it is your responsibility to keep a check on their health. Visiting them once a week is good and visiting them every other day is even better. You’d know how they are doing, how they are being taken care of and would result in you being kept in the loop about their well-being. The elder person too feels secure and safe in the knowledge that someone is looking after them.

Mending Severed Ties:

There is always someone in the family who we never liked much or we never had a good relation with. However, that doesn’t mean that we put them out of our lives forever. It’s a harsh reality but at any point of time, those elders could be taking their last breaths. You don’t want them to die without saying sorry to them or without actually getting on good terms with them. Visiting elders you never liked will not only be good for your conscience, but will also give you a sense of closure. You will be surprised to know how many people actually become good friends only after reaching a very old age. So, don’t put your non-favorite people off your visiting list.

Helping them Feel Loved:

Blood relations can never be replaced by anyone or anything else in life and that is why most elders become very lonely, despite being surrounded by many others. Visits from you can change their life. They begin to show positive behavior, smile more and they wait for your visits every day. Most elders who are left by their family get very quiet and their health deteriorates quicker than the others. Visiting family and friends keep them young, healthy and happy. So, even when their time is up, they leave the world with a smile on their face. Imagine you being the reason for that smile!

If you have any elder in a nursing home right now, then make it a point to visit them as regularly as possible. They don’t need much and just your presence is enough to add life to their numbered days.



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