Treating Obesity Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

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Obesity is a growing concern in the  world. Different factors can contribute to obesity such as hormonal, genetics, emotional and cultural factors or just not watching what you eat and/or lack of exercise. However, the chief reason for the increased incidence of obesity is the sedentary lifestyle that many of us are so accustomed to.

Overweight individuals have an increased risk of developing serious health complications such as diabetes, coronary disorders, and liver and kidney problems. Being obese is also linked to an increased risk of cancer.

So how do we overcome this? In this article, we will discuss the link between obesity and cancer as well as some of the steps that individuals can take to maintain a healthy weight.

The Link between Obesity and Cancer Explored

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Maintain a healthier lifestyle by being vigilant as to what are processed foods and what are not

Obesity is a health condition that refers to abnormally high levels of body fat, particularly around the belly. A study that had examined about 74,000 individuals found that for every decade that the individual is overweight, the risk of developing cancer increases by about 7 percent.

Another study published in The New England Journal of Medicine claimed that being overweight increases the risk of at least 13 types of cancer. Conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as part of an initiative of the World Health Organization, the study found strong evidence of the link between obesity and colorectal cancer, adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, breast cancer, kidney and uterine cancers.

What is the Link Between Obesity and Disease?

Several factors have been suggested that help to explain the link between obesity and cancer. The fat tissue produces a high level of estrogen hormone that has been linked to endometrial, breast and other types of cancers.

Obese individuals also have increased levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in their blood. Also known as hyperinsulinemia, this condition can promote certain types of tumors in the body. The fat cells also affect tumor growth regulators. Both these factors greatly increase the risk of cancer in the individuals.

How Obese Individuals Can Shed Weight Effectively?

Checking WaistlineThere is no one effective formula that can help in reducing weight quickly. Individuals have to take a number of measures to avoid accumulation of excess body fat. For many, a healthy diet plan coupled with aerobic exercise is the most effective way to combat obesity.

In addition, people that want to shed weight fast can take Xenical (Orlistat) pills. The tablet is one of the few medications that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity. Instead of suppressing the hunger, this medication works by slowing down the fat absorption capacity of the body.

If you are at present overweight, you should start by taking small steps to lose weight. Aim to shed about five percent of your body fat at the start. Research studies have shown that shedding even five percent to ten percent of the body fat can offer great health benefits. The important thing is that you stick to your commitment.

The little effort on your part today can greatly increase the odds of living a life free of cancer, heart, kidney, or any other serious disorders. But speak to your doctor first! He/She will know best how you should lift those unwanted pounds off.

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