11 Shows to Watch During Quarantine

Couple Watching Netfix TV
Photo: Pexels

Quarantine equals binging and what better channel to watch than Netflix? So if you’re worried about what to do this quarantine season, all you have to do is turn on the TV and chill. There are hundreds of shows that you can watch to keep yourself entertained, but to make it easier for you, we have made a list of our top 11 picks. We guarantee you you’ll love them and won’t be able to move from your seat!

1. You

This psychological thriller will have you sitting with your eyes glued to the TV. Its first season is based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes and follows Joe Goldberg, a serial killer and bookstore manager, who becomes obsessed with a customer in the most deluded, toxic and extreme way. There’s something about this show that just has us hooked and we can’t wait for season 3, which is supposedly coming out this year! 

2. Bridgerton

This American romantic TV Show aired only last year and is all the hype right now. Like so many others out there, we cannot stop drooling over the Duke who is all the looks and personality. The show got so many views in a short span of time and became the most watched on Netflix, which is why it was renewed for season 2 last month. It is set in the high society of London and is based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels. If you want a good plot and some eye-candy to keep you entertained during quarantine, this show is the way to go!

3. The Queen’s Gambit

You must have heard about this one with all the rage around it. It is a unique show that has the most intriguing plot and character. Centered around chess, it is an American coming-of- age drama that is based on Walter Tevis’s novel. The show was so good that it even earned two Golden Globe award nominations. You’ll be in for a real surprise with this one so give it a shot!

4. Stranger Things

This science-fiction, mystery thriller will instantly grab your interest. It is set in 1983 in Indiana and is centered around the disappearance of a young girl. The show was first released five years ago and has an eerie feel to it. It’ll definitely have you hooked and keep you busy this quarantine season.

5.Black Mirror 

A fascinating Sci-Fi block of episodes that takes a close look at modern society, especially in relation to the effects of new technologies and how they can backfire. It explores a dystopian future that is interesting and disturbing at the same time. The show has received several awards and nominations. Each episode is well-thought out. It will leave you speechless. We would highly recommend this one for you to watch during quarantine.

6. Emily in Paris

Light and funny, Emily in Paris is the perfect binge watch. Even if rom-coms are not usually your type, it’ll be hard for you not to like this one. Full of wit, banter, humor and the most scenic places in Paris, this show has got it all. Emily in Paris is every girl’s dream show and it’ll give you just the inspiration you need this quarantine season. So far, only one season is out but season 2 is officially confirmed so worry not!

7. Lupin

This amazing French mystery thriller came out only earlier this year and already has so many views! The story is centered on Arsene Lupin, a world famous thief and master of disguise. Lupin, the main character is supposed to be a Sherlock Holmes type. The show will have you so hooked that you may even end up finishing the season in one night, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

8. The Crown 

A historical drama, The Crown is based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s all the way to modern times. It takes a look at all the political rivalries and romance of her reign and the events that shaped the latter part of England in the 20th century. Not only is it informative but also entertaining and will give you an inside perspective of the royal family. If you are particularly a fan of history, you will love this one for sure!

9. Peaky Blinders

Created by Steven Knight, this series has been all the talk for a while now. It is a British period crime drama, which is set in Birmingham, England. The show has five seasons and is centered around Tommy Shelby who’s a dangerous man and leader of the peaky blinders. We guarantee you that this show will give you goosebumps and leave you on the edge of your seat so brace yourself!

10.Gilmore Girls

If a good old throwback is more your type then look no further than this classic! Girlmore Girls is a lighthearted show about a mother daughter duo and their lives. It is funny and heartwarming and just the kind of energy that you need during quarantine. Even though it may appear to be a time pass, the show has many lessons that you can learn from and you’ll adore every part of it.

11. Dynasty

Similar to Gossip Girl, Dynasty is about the lives and politics between two of America’s richest families. We just have one word for this show, Drama. So if you’re a drama lover, then you’ll definitely love this one. It’ll keep you engaged and entertained the whole time. To add to that, the wardrobe is phenomenal and will serve as major fashion goals so get ready to be inspired. Each character adds a new perspective and makes the show the complex one that it is.

What’s interesting is that each of these shows is so different to the other but created to perfection. There’s one for every type so take your pick and watch one that resonates with you or is experimental and try out a new type!