Surround Yourself with Nature to Lead a Healthy Life

Life without nature is pretty dull. Do you remember those days when you would stay inside for so long that you thought that the walls would consume you? If this or similar feelings are something that you commonly go through, then it is time to get out of your house. Feel the fresh breeze rush past your face, walk on grass barefoot, and feel the grass beneath your feet.

There is a unique calmness about this experience. Spending time outdoors with nature also has essential health benefits, which work as a shield and protect you.  

Unfortunately, our lifestyle in today’s world tends to keep us inside more than outside. From your offices to your comfortable homes equipped with the comforts of 21st-century technology, much of our everyday activities involve spending more time indoors.

Well, because of this, you are missing out on a lot. Outdoor exposure is essential for human health. It is valid for both the physical and psychological aspects of your body. 

Florence Williams states in her book, “The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative” that there was an improvement in the health of people who moved from crowded places to mountainous areas. 

Not everyone can move to such areas. This is why you need to address this issue smartly by making time to surround yourself with nature, especially if you are in a busy city.

Being around nature is easy if you want to do it. You could go for a hike on your favorite trail or swimming in the sea twice in a month. Other than that, you could walk in your local park every day for thirty minutes. You can build a garden where you live. You can plant trees, so the air you breathe is clean.

Here are a few ways that being around the environment benefits your health.

Improves Your Memory

Photo of a waterfall with trees along sideDo you forget small things and blame your memory? If yes, then start walking today because it directly impacts your short-term memory.  

The brain consists of a part called the hippocampus, which is responsible for your memory. As you age, this part of your mind begins to shrink. You can prevent this by walking. Several studies have proven that walking does has a positive influence on your memory.

Consequently, it reduces the risk of dementia, which is one of the most common consequences of old age. To avoid this, make walking part of your schedule. Make it a part of your daily routine and make sure you do it in the open air.


Man in woods looking out at the mountainsThe reason why you feel light after spending time outdoors is that it changes and releases your stress. This is why many therapists suggest their clients go for forest therapy. When you surround yourself with nature, then you successfully reduce cortisol, a hormone that your body produces when it is feeling stressed. 

It is one of the reasons why offices now have huge windows. Even looking at nature refreshes your mind.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation can lead to severe issues like autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, and cancer. When you spend time in nature, then you keep all these problems in check. Since nature keeps you calm, your encounters with inflammation can decrease.

Alleviates Lethargy

The amount of work that each one of us has to do is insane. You are likely to feel tired or go through mental fatigue.  This is why you go on a vacation to places that have scenic beauty and are filled with nature. Nature is an instant mental boost!

Helpful with Anxiety and Depression

Nature does not solve all your mental conditions, but it appeases your anxiety and depression. If you went through any of these two conditions and consulted a professional, then you must have heard a lot about the importance of nature. Adopt habits like meditation and yoga in open spaces like beaches and parks. You will feel the difference!

Improves Vision

Children these days spend most of their time watching television or laying on their tablets or smartphones. It is no surprise that some children start to have weaker eyesight at such an early age.  It is recommended to encourage your children to engage in outdoor activities that connect them to nature and get them of those phones! 

This is true for adults as well. When you spend time outside, you restore your eyesight and may reduce the chances of myopia.

Better Focus

You are easily distracted by almost everything. Your attention span keeps on shrinking. It is a valid concern, but the solution is so easy that you can change this right away. 

Test it out for yourself. Spend thirty or more minutes in the park and perform your daily tasks after that. You will notice that you are now more capable of doing your responsibilities. Your mind is far more relaxed, so it does not wander here and there. 

If you develop this as a habit, your attention span will increase over time. 

Live Longer

According to a Dutch study of 250,782 people, there is an active link between green spaces and health. People who live close to green spaces had fewer diseases than those who did not. 

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives stated that more exposure to greenness was associated with a 12% lower mortality rate. There was a reduced risk of death from cancer, lung disease, and kidney disease.

All these factors add up and reduce your risk of early death. You will live a long life if you make nature your friend.

By understanding the benefits nature has to offer you, you should reflect on your current lifestyle. Indulge in better habits like spending more time in the environment. Through this, you will develop a positive outlook on life and improve your health. Nature has a significant impact on your overall health; therefore, do not ignore its importance because as you age, you will regret it. Build your routine in a way that you get to spend some time outdoors and enjoy mother nature!