Eight Effective Ways to Prevent the Flu

The flu (AKA influenza) is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. That is, your nose, throat, and lungs are affected. It is a very common disease. This is a significant concern because the flu is sometimes a symptom of a much more dangerous condition. 

When the flu gets worse, it can cause pneumonia or a secondary bacterial infection. Both of these conditions can be fatal. This is especially true for people who are in high-risk groups. These include the elderly, very young, pregnant women, people who have asthma, and those who suffer from other conditions such as immune deficiency. 

The flu can’t really be cured – it just goes away on its own, but it can be prevented. If you follow the given steps, you can reduce your chances of getting the flu and thus, can lead a healthy, happy life.

Take Flu Shots

Don’t listen to anti-vaxes. Getting a flu shot is harmless. These shots help you in defending yourself from bacteria and other flu-causing nasties that can cause you to get sick. When you go for a flu vaccination, your body develops antibodies that protect you from viruses.  Even after a flu shot, you can develop the flu, but it will not lead to something dangerous to your health. The peak season for the flu is from November to March. Therefore, it is ideal for you to get your flu shot in October.  You should plan all your health vaccinations today, so you do not forget it later. 

Stay Away from People with the Flu


The flu virus can travel much faster than you think. The infection develops as a parasite that hangs around your respiratory secretions. Then it moves through the air in the form of small droplets. In this form, it is easy for this virus to transfer through a cough or sneeze. 

This is how easy it is for a virus to get to you before you know it. Our advice is to build proactive behavior and maintain a distance from those who may display the symptoms of the flu. 

Keep Your Environment Clean

It is crucial for you to be in a clean environment at all times. If you take all the necessary measures to keep your place clean, then there is less than you need to worry about when it comes to airborne viruses. 

It is a different case if you are someone who rarely cleans his or her surroundings. In such circumstances, the chances for you to get the flu are high if you do not wipe down the surfaces that are commonly used, like your phone, door handles, and switches. 

Always Wash Your Hands

You’ve probably heard since your childhood that washing your hands is essential. Yet you choose to ignore it, thinking that it does not make much of a difference. Well, that is not the case. Washing your hands is a habit that can help you prevent the flu.

Wash your hands with a bar of soap or antibacterial sanitizer for at least twenty seconds. Afterward, make sure you have a clean towel to dry up your hands. Alcohol is also a very good deterrent to use on counter surfaces and other such areas.

Stay Away from Infected Fluid

People in relationships can contract the flu from their partners if they kiss their partner while he or she is sick. So if your significant other is unwell and is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, it’s best to avoid direct contact for a while until they get better.

Maintain Distance from Infected People

business-woman-shakes-handsExpanding on the previous point, do not get too close to people who have been infected with the flu, even if it is your child or your partner. This makes sharing beds out of the question. If you know someone who currently has the flu, then do not offer to share your food with them.  The purpose of this is not to use the same utensils as the infected person until the virus has been dealt with completely. 

Do Not Compromise on Your Sleep

Getting inadequate sleep every night affects your immune system. Consequently, it increases your chances of getting the flu. This happens because your body cannot fight any virus on its own as it could with the right amount of sleep. While you sleep, your body organs get time to rest and prepare for another day, which is very important for your overall health.

As a rule, an adult needs to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Avoid Stress

The flu is already tough to deal with, and by stressing yourself out, your condition will only worsen. If you have psychological stress, then it is difficult for protective antibodies to develop. These antibodies usually help you deal with the flu and other similar viruses. Try to do things that relax your mind and make you a happier person. It will result in reduced stress and more positivity.

When you adopt all these ways mentioned above, you will realize that you are more able to deal with the flu (and any other disease) than before. You are not doing something extraordinary. In fact, you are just creating an enabling environment for your body to do what it is supposed to do. According to you, the flu might be one of the most manageable diseases. Little do you know that it can turn fatal if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent the flu. If you fall into the high-risk group, then you should be extra cautious about these factors.