Unusual Mental Disorders Diagnosed in Humans

It may be surprising to learn that the human brain possesses the potential to act completely off balance and bizarre, as well as possibly having an intelligent and creative manner. Some of these unusual occurrences can go to such an extent that those who display such behavior are termed as having a mental disorder. Here is a list of some completely unexplainable mental disorders which are found to affect some people:

Stendhal Syndrome

Though the human mind likes the idea of something being aesthetically appealing, some people fall victim to a psychosomatic disorder when exposed to something extremely beautiful or appealing. As they see the object in reality or by seeing it in the form of a picture, physical symptoms of likeability may also appear. Some common signs include the heart beating rapidly, feeling dizzy, being in a confused state of mind, or even having hallucinations. Quite commonly, people who travel a lot experience this syndrome when they come across something that instantly appeals to them and sweeps them off their feet with its beauty.

Stockholm Syndrome

In normal circumstances, nobody would have any feelings of attraction or affection for a person who harms them in one way or another. But in case of people who are kidnapped, some often develop a feeling of sympathy, affection, and even loyalty to their abductor. Consequently, they don’t resist the harm done to them; rather, they try to understand why the person, in this case the abductor, is doing it. A lot of people develop similar feelings for their partner in an abusive relationship, even in the event of rape and child abuse.

Lima Syndrome

Lima Syndrome is the opposite of Stockholm syndrome where the abductor develops affectionate feelings towards the victim.


Though Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be quite damaging in any form, this one is weird due to its association with a constructive activity. A person suffering from bibliomania has the urge to collect books to the point that it has the negative and hurtful impact on their relationship and personal well-being. This also includes buying the same book in its various versions, numerous copies of the similar title, and so on.


Though sexual relationships might have been considered to be something acceptable centuries back, feeling such desires for children is deemed as a mental disorder in the current world. As a matter of fact, such behavior is subject to punishment under modern laws and is looked down upon by almost all societies and civilizations.

Humans are quite complex creatures; that’s for sure! There are numerous disorders and mental health conditions that simply don’t make sense to a person who is used to living a normal and morally and culturally acceptable lifestyle. Some disorders are even bizarre to the point of making others feel disgusted. Nevertheless, this calls for mental health to be given even more attention than we generally do.