The Rates of Human Aging Between Young and Old

Older man with young child
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It appears that some of our younger generation are aging faster than expected. At least that is the consensus from a number of research studies that have been done.

Let’s take a look at these studies and see if we can make sense of this phenomenon. 

Participant Studies

According to the Los Angeles Times, in “Science Now”, “humans age at remarkably different rates. Additionally, we start aging earlier than one might guess,”. Also, in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a 954-participant research program revealed that “young adults already showing signs of aging aren’t just prematurely old; they seem to be getting older faster than” other people. 

The participants who were “taking part in a lifelong medical study since they were born at a hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1972 and 1973.”, as per NBC News. Investigators “came up with a batch of 18 measurements they believe correlate with aging,” including “medical measures of their lungs, their kidneys, their livers, their hearts, their immune system and even the integrity of their DNA.”

The report showed that at age 38, participants’ “biological age’ – the state of their organs, immune system, heart health and chromosomes – ranged from as young as 30 to as old as 60.” People whose biological age was older even looked older. In addition, “the fast-agers showed worse balance and poorer motor coordination, and reported having more trouble with tasks such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries.” The report noted that, according to the National Institute on Aging, among others, provided support for the study.

Why Is This Happening?

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There is conjecture that this might be due to younger people being more fixated on computers and computer or office jobs than exercise; although many do exercise and go to the gym, they are compromised by the eight-hour daily sit down at the office.

Then there are the game junkies who play nonstop for hours each day. Playing video games for extended amounts of time can inhibit their perspective on life as well as their bodies. Parents should be aware of the amount of time their kids are on the computer playing games and consider consequences if they are neglecting other things like doing homework or studying for a school exam. Video games are a good escape but too much can do wonders for their fingers but not much else. 

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As mentioned, there is no concrete evidence yet, but common sense does work its way here since lack of exercise can accelerate health issues or even cause the creation of issues that may not have existed if the person was keeping fit.

As the term sitting is the new smoking explains, staying off your feet for an extended amount of time on a daily basis can increase blood pressure, weight gain, abnormal cholesterol levels and a possible increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease or cancer.

How Do We Control Excessive Sitting?

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Every 15 or 30 minutes, get off your chair and walk around the office. If your office is small, go outside and take a brisk walk. Does your company have a gym? If yes, take advantage of it! Or why not try going to the gym before you get to work? These suggestions might be a little premature at this time since we are in the COVID era, so we suggest calling your local sports club and find out their current rules, as some states are more lenient than others, which is dependent on the infection rate. 

There are also new devices that allow you to stand while working on the computer. You can adjust the stand to a height that is comfortable for you.


Man Riding BicycleBesides making sure you get that blood running through your body at a healthy rate, make sure you are eating the right foods as well. All these components add up to a healthier lifestyle and one which will help you deal with the constant sit-downs at your office.

And you game addicts – wake up and realize that getting a heart illness at an early age is not worth creating that fantasy empire or getting an extra kill in a military war game. But if you must, let that blood run through your legs and stand up for the win!.