Indoor Dating Ideas During Lockdown

Candle lit room
Candle Lit Room. Photo Pixels

Still in March 2021, many of us are still homebound, bored and in despair, and many in our single group are thriving for romance. Gone are the days of speed dating, night clubs and blind dates. And for those few who do venture out to plan a meeting at a restaurant or coffee shop, what do you say? “I’m the one with the mask that has a smiley face on it.” Is there what it has come to? 

So the status quo of venturing out to meet your hopeful next spouse was the preferred choice during normal times when planning a date, it certainly isn’t the only one! In fact, for someone looking to spend intimate moments with their significant other, having a cozy night at home is perhaps the most romantic thing they can do.

But with restaurants out of reach, traveling banned (most of it, if not all), beaches and other dating locations closed for business, the results are the good old online dating, but with a twist – having to meet at home. 

And what do you get with that? Anything from the dangerous to the nutty, like “Hi I’m your new date from Planet XR5”. So let’s jump past the first-time meets and concentrate on those dates that do work out; subsequently, we are providing some creative, thoughtful date ideas you can try in su casa during quarantine.

Wine Cheese and Cuddles

Whenever wine and cheese are mentioned, most people assume this experience can only occur at an extravagant place, but that’s not true. A bottle of wine and a tray of assorted cheese under dim lights at home can be equally romantic, if not more! 

Picture this:

A plush rug on the floor in front of the fireplace (and a throw over it for when you want to get a lot cozier with your other-half) with a bottle of bubbly, two wine glasses, and a tray of cheeses. The lights in the room are dimmed, with a faint but audible piece of music filling the background while you and your partner sit next to one another (read: cuddle, lay entwined) without any interruptions or outsiders listening in on your conversations.

How romantic is that? 

And remember, it’s just an idea so you can bend it any way you want to make your evening entirely yours. For instance, if you don’t have a fireplace or the weather doesn’t allow you to sit by a fire, then you can put up candles to fire up the romance for your romantic date night. 

Romantic Movie and Wine

Going to the cinema for movies now seems like a thing of the past, and by the look of it, we might not be allowed to enjoy this simple pleasure anytime soon. But that doesn’t have to stop you from having a romantic movie night with sweetheart. And as noted above, indoor activities within the comfort of one’s home are much more intimate, especially with today’s electronics. You can purchase a 70” LED TV for $700 at some stores or online retailers. So rest assured, a movie at home will give you much-needed couple-time and set the scene for some more romantic moments throughout the night. 

Now Let’s Get to the Logistics and Planning 

The first thing you need to do is clear everything that stands between the screen and couch (if you plan on using it, we’d suggest using a pullout bed so that you can lounge while watching the movie). Next, arrange snacks and of course, wine- you can swap it with champagne to take your date up a notch. 

Buy a starry-night lamp projector if you don’t already have one. It is an electrical instrument that throws stars and crescent-shaped lights on the ceiling. Set it up close to where you’ll be sitting so that you see an illusion of a starry night right above you. 

Turn the lights off, play the movie and then get comfortable to enjoy the night. 

Have a Homemade Candlelight Dinner 

Going out to an exclusive restaurant to have candlelight dinner has gotten quite commonplace now, wouldn’t you agree? And let’s not forget the din of chatter and constant interruptions by the servers that taint the sanctity of what’s supposed to be completely private and romantic? 

So how about keeping the ambiance similar to that of a restaurant and compromising a little bit on the food but taking the romance in your date through the roof? 

You can have the most intimate dinner date at home with the added fun of preparing the food with your better-half. Here’s what you need to do:

      • Set up a menu that you both will enjoy and get cookin’
      • Once the meal is ready, get dressed to relish your homemade candlelight dinner! 
      • To set the table, place as many candles as you like at the center; we’d suggest going with five different-sized candles or one big circular one. Pour chilled liquor into the wine glasses already placed on the table, and then eat your food. 
      • To end the night, dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and feed one another. You can use a fondue to do that, or simply microwave some chocolate and douse strawberries, marshmallows, or whatever else you want to conclude the evening. Of course, you can make changes to the idea according to your liking. For example, eliminate the table from the picture and get minimal; use the same setting as the first idea but instead of wine and cheese, serve food that you made!

Final Thought

If you are ready to get creative, there is a lot that can be done to turn an ordinary night at home special! Try our suggested date options to stir up the almost dormant romance of your quarantine-life relationship. But remember, this will only be temporary. With the vaccines being produced and distributed on a massive scale, life as we remember it will come back hopefully sooner than later; however, after you’ve had your taste of romancing at home, maybe you might want to stick it out for a little while longer!