Tips for Healthy Hair

Female Model with CombEach constituent of the human body warrants different levels of care and it is not just for health reasons. Hundreds of millions of people spend sometimes hours at grooming themselves and as such, we will devote some time as well regarding how to look your best every day and conditioning. Every attribute of the skin to the nails requires attention. 

In order to be properly be groomed, A person must devote adequate resources, such as time and money to ensure that their cosmetic needs are met.

We can gauge an idea of how important skin care is by looking at the statistics. In 2018, the global skincare market is was valued at an astonishing 135 billion dollars. This is projected to ascend to 180 billion by 2024! These breathtaking numbers are in part due to a shift in demand from older consumers to younger and more conscious ones.

Hair Care

Hair Grooming UtensilesThe hair care market is not far behind as well. It is also a thriving business and it’s with an estimated, anticipated worth is of 88 billion dollars in 2018 and is this is expected to grow annually. The terminology signifies the sanitation and cosmetology of the hair.

Individuals can grow their hair to different lengths, ranging from a bald look to actual floor length hair. This encapsulates everything from a buzz or crop cut in men to shoulder and hip-length hair in women. Furthermore, people use a variety of equipment such as hair brushes, blow dryers, and hair straightening irons. They can also style their hair using products namely hair gels, conditioners, and sprays.

The Environment and Your Hair

Exposure to hair products infused with chemicals,  the environment, and the changing seasons can often leave the hair in damaged condition. For example, females are known to struggle with trichoptilosis or split ends, as they are commonly known. Split ends occur when there is excessive fraying due to heat or chemicals.
Beyond that, individuals may also suffer from conditions such as dandruff, which is the phenomenon of flakes and mild itching on the scalp. Also, individuals, some people may have to endure a dry scalp or expedited hair loss as well. This brings us to useful tips and tricks which people can treat as gospel to protect their hair.


Given the flimsy nature of our hair, it is imperative to safeguard it from such environmental factors such as sunlight, strong winds, and rainfall. Also, exposure to pollutants like dirt and smoke affects the hair adversely. If dirt it accumulates on your head, it can lead to dryness in your hair and scalp, which leaves both increasingly prone to potential infections for instance. It is advisedExperts suggest to cover your hair when you are outdoors. Women can use accessories like a scarf or an umbrella as well, particularly when weather conditions are dire.

Gentle Handling

Female Showing her HairAnother effective technique is to be tender when you are managing your hair. Quite often, people tend to take their hair for granted. A brisk shower is followed by quick drying or lack thereof, especially if the concerned person is in a hurry. This is one habit that can prove to be damaging in the long run.

Wet hair is specifically vulnerable to breaking. This explains why you may notice strands of your hair splintering when you are in the middle of a shower. It is not a major concern in isolation, but t. The hair reacts the same way your skin does. When you spend abundant time exposed to water, the skin on your fingers may appear differently. Likewise, your hair exhibits a reaction as well.

Therefore, it is advised to be careful when dealing with damp hair. Whether you are applying shampoo or drying it post-shower or brushing it before leaving for work, be placid with your hair otherwise it may sustain damage.


Besides shampooing, there is another way to improve the health of your hair. It is known as conditioning. Those who don’t know better may be forgiven for thinking they are one and the same. Separate conditioners are easily available in the market. It is better to apply a conditioner to your hair after a quick wash. This will shield your hair from becoming extra frizzy for instance.

Moreover, it is equally important to execute the conditioning properly. Conditioners are meant to seal the moisture content in your hair, which is why you should apply it 2 two inches away from your scalp. If you are not careful, then the conditioner may make your scalp oily.

Variety is Not Recommended

If a person is not satisfied with their current shampoo or conditioner, they may opt for a new brand. For example, if Head and Shoulders does not do the trick for you, then you may decide to purchase L’Oreal.

But, for the best quality of hair, it is suggested that you use a shampoo and conditioner with a similar formula from the same manufacturer. Of course, there are various shampoos available in the market. You can buy an anti-dandruff one or another that makes your hair voluminous and silky. However, you should guarantee that both are from the same label.

Exposure to Heat

Tip number five is to avoid exposing your hair to heat. Women in particular often use a hair straightening iron when they are preparing for an occasion. While the occasional flourish is alright, it should not be done on a regular basis. Naturally, heat eliminates the moisture from your hair, making it dry in the process. If you employ a straightening iron frequently, it may even burn your hair!

Tight Grips

The next advice on our list is to not tie your hair too tightly. This applies almost exclusively to women and the odd man with long hear as well. If you tie your hair in an extremely firm knot, it will tend to augment the friction in your hair. This can cause breakages.

When you are going to sleep, do not braid your hair tightly. A loose braid is better suited. You should not leave your hair open either since it will leave you in a mess in the morning.


The seventh and final instruction is to apply oil to your hair and scalp regularly. Follow this routine with proper shampooing and washing of your hair. Oil is essential for stronger and shinier hair. It as it strengthens the protein in your hair. Moreover, a good oil massage can provide you with an extremely soothing sensation. Oiling also eliminates flakes of dandruff from your scalp.

As far as health for your hair and scalp is concerned, we’ll leave this for another article, but in general, applying standard and recommended health procedures will help in keeping your whole body clean night and day.