Lung Health: Are E-cigarettes a Safer Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

It is a well-known fact that conventional cigarettes can cause great harm to the body. The health risks of cigarette smoking may include coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack, cancer, especially lung cancer, peripheral vascular disease, just to name just a few and it is believed that cigarette smoking is the main cause of about 30 percent of all cancer deaths. Moreover, about 87 percent of all cases of lung cancer is said to be caused by smoking.

The introduction of e-cigarettes in the market was hailed as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. The electronic version of the cigarettes does not contain carcinogenic chemicals that are present is tobacco cigarettes such as tar.

But are e-cigarettes really safe for your health? In this article, we will present findings from various studies that have examined the effects of e-cigarette smoking on health.E-Cigarette

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Are E-cigarettes Safe for Health: A Close Look

E-cigarettes contain nicotine similar to a cigarette that gives people the ‘high’.  However, it does not contain tar or other harmful chemicals. The nicotine present in the e-cigarettes is extracted from tobacco and mixed with propylene glycol or other liquids. Some may also contain colorings, flavorings, and other chemicals.

According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are about 95 percent safer as compared to traditional cigarettes. They are perceived to aid people in quitting traditional cigarettes. This perception is grounded on evidence provided by different scientific studies.

A study published in the journal Circulation in 2014 had carefully examined e-cigarettes and found that they contain significantly fewer toxins as compared to conventional cigarettes. This means that people that are exposed to electronic cigarettes have a lower risk of developing deadly diseases associated with traditional cigarette smoking.

Another study that was published in the same year made similar conclusions about e-cigarettes. The study found that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than conventional cigarettes. However, the authors concluded that while they are less harmful they are not completely safe for health due to containing a worrisome amount of aerosol.

The above and various other studies have concluded that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. Having said that, the nicotine content found in both electronic and conventional cigarettes is considered harmful for children. That’s why there has been a ban on the sale of the electronic cigarettes to children under the age of 18.


E-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. It’s the perfect alternative for people that are addicted to conventional cigarettes. People who want to quit tobacco cigarettes can greatly add years to their life by switching to e-cigarettes.

However, the statement that e-cigarettes are completely harmless is not certain at the moment. Until a thorough study is conducted by the scientists the FDA and other research facilities, it is too early to say whether the chemicals contained in the e-cigarettes are completely safe for your health.