Five Signs Which Tell Us It’s Time for Assisted Living

Leaving your loved ones to be taken care of by strangers is certainly a difficult decision to make. It is a bizarre thing for both, the elderly person and the family members. Yet, it is a decision that has to be made. Nurses and doctors in assisted living institutions are educated and caring people. They take care of the elderly on their own and help them stay safe and healthy.

It is difficult to determine the right time to move the elderly. However, time is of the essence when the health of a person is in question. You never know when the elderly might need immediate medical attention and by the time they get it, it is already too late. Let’s learn about some signs that tell us loud and clear that it’s time for assisted living;

Meandering off:

Dementia is one of the most common conditions that emerge in old age. Most elderly people are found meandering from their rooms or wandering off in the corridors. A time comes when this wondering gets to be too much and increases the risk of falling, hurting and accidents occurring.


Regular and timely intake of medications is another necessary part of old age. Medicines are all that keep some elderly on their feet. Yet, a time comes when an old person is not taking medications on time or going days without proper eating. When this begins to happen, know that they need assistance.

Decline in Cognitive Behavior:

A time comes in old age when we begin to forget about directions, fail to make any sound decision or even complete a sentence. These are telling signs that a senior is in need of assisted living.


As people grow old, they begin to lose energy in their bones, their sense of balance becomes off and as a result, they become a victim of frequent injuries. It is unsafe for an elderly to live like this alone, without having anyone to look after them.


When you begin to see lots of traffic tickets around the house, dents in the car or people complaining about the driving habits of an elderly person, it means that they are unable to get around on their own. This not only poses a threat to the seniors but to the life of others in the area as well.

As soon as you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your old parents, grandparents or neighbors, provide them with assisted living, pronto.