How to Save and Make Money During the COVID Pandemic

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Many people may know about these jobs, but they don’t look at them seriously until they are in a financially stressful situation. If you have fallen into financial hardship because of COVID or any reason you feel the need to make some additional cash, you may want to look into the following:

Work at Home Jobs

You might think that all work at home jobs have some type of catch to them or are just outright scams. Well, the good news is that this is not the case. We wouldn’t recommend that you quit your day job, but you might want to try these part-time jobs. Here are four valid, legitimate part-time jobs that you can do and get paid for. There are no upfront charges or fees – there are no fees at all. All you have to do is apply!


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Most of us are familiar with rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. Even during this COVID pandemic, their business is booming. You just need to apply and send them the appropriate documents (driver’s license, insurance card, registration, etc.) as well as signing some forms.

Some people pull in $1000 per week but don’t kid yourself. There is a lot of driving and long hours! But even if you want to pull in a few hundred dollars a week, the opportunity is there. 

On the con side, you will be using your car a lot, which results in paying for gas often and additional wear and tear on the car. You can balance it out, but regardless, it is a popular way to make some good income.

You can register with Uber here. You can register for Lyft here.

Driver Eats

Similar to Uber driver, there is UberEats. There is also Grubhub and DoorDash, but instead of diving people to destinations, you pick up meals from restaurants and deliver them to the person who requested them. Again, all you need to do is apply. 

Mystery Shopping

Contrary to what some people may think, mystery shopping is a million-dollar business and there are many legitimate companies that offer this to consumers. What it entails is a visit to a local bank or store, ask them questions or do an audit, all according to the guidelines that they give you. Then you submit a report of your experience with the store or bank representatives.

Pay can range from $10.00 to over $80.00 per visit. It all depends upon what you would need to do. Definitely worth looking into. Here is one popular mystery shop website where you can gather more information or search mystery shopping on Google.

Take Surveys

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These don’t pay much, but it’s good for some pocket change and only takes a minute or two to do. Check out UserCrowd for more info or Google Getting paid for surveys.

Saving Money by Looking Out for Promotions and Discounts

If you search, you will find. Here are ways to make a few dollars more by just doing some Google work:

Bank Promotions

Banks continuously offer money to open up a checking or savings account. The promotions can range from $100 – $250, but usually, you have to be a new customer. Regardless, it is a fast way to make a quick buck and for many accounts, you can just start with a deposit of $25 or $50. 

Just make sure you are aware of the fees and/or other expenses that may accompany these deals, but for the most part, you do come out a winner. 

Car Company Promotions

There are times when car dealerships run some amazing offers. These offers are not to buy a car and most of the time, they do not pressure you to do so. What they offer is a chance to ride in a new vehicle for free, including free gas for the day and along with that, you get anywhere from a $100 – $150 gift card to use wherever you like. 

These promotions are not advertised, so you need to keep an eye out. One company had a promotional exhibit at the malls or you can try googling for car promotions, but you will have to sift through all the car discount listings on the page.  

If you do happen to come across a deal, go for it and who knows? When you get back on your financial feet, you may just come back to the dealer and buy the car!

Cheap Gas

Cheap gas doesn’t always mean bad gas. There are tons of gas stations that don’t carry the names of the major suppliers and subsequently, do not charge the same amount for gas. Look for these stations. The difference per gallon can be substantial. Possibly a difference of 10 cents per gallon or more. Worth the trip!

Also, there are numerous ways that you can save money on gas. Some of it has to do with your driving habits, but there are other ways to save as well. 

Using the Additional Skills You Have

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No matter what you do for a living, most of us have a variety of skills other than what we get paid to do by our employer. Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a money-making business? 

Some Examples: 

    • If you enjoy photography? Offer your services to the public.
    • Are you good at teaching? If you have some experience on your resume, try applying to different schools or colleges or offer tutoring services to your local community at a reasonable fee. 
    • Do you write well? Freelance writing for blogs or other publications is routinely available.
    • Are you in good physical shape and love to go to the gym? Offer the gym your services to become a trainer there.
    • Do you take computers apart and other electronic devices just to see how they work and then reassemble them or better yet, repair them if they are broken? People are always looking for computer techs for help.
    • A NYC suburbanite who works for Nassau County Long Island makes 3D photos of people and then he sells them at flea markets and other fairs. He pulls in a few hundred dollars each month. 
    • Another person creates realistic art and sells them at galleries. This is in addition to her 9-5 job. Albeit, 3D photos are kind of unique, but are you an artist, photographer, videographer or any specific skill in the arts, take advantage of it.

Just Get Out There!

These are just some of the many part-time job opportunities available. All you have to do is look for them!