A Guide for an Easy Calorie-Burning Lifestyle

Burning Calories
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Regulation of calories has arguably become the single most important issue for people suffering from weight issues and consuming excessive calories is one of the primary causes of weight gain. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about some simple and quick methods to burn more daily calories. All these calorie-burning measures can be adopted by making slight tweaks in our daily routine. Even if you are not suffering from the issue of overweight, these small adjustments can help you counter so many diseases that you might otherwise be subjected to.

Do Domestic Cleaning Yourself

What’s better than an activity that can make your abode more hygienic and clean while simultaneously help you to stay in shape? Cleaning kitchen counters, vacuuming the entire home space, doing dishes, and other related domestic cleaning activities can burn a good amount of daily calories without adopting any strict diet and rigorous gym activity.

Make Slight Changes in Your Daily Commute

Man bicycle riding on a city streetBy making little adjustments in your daily commute to the office, work or college, you can add an easy calorie-burning routine to your schedule. For instance, if your work destination is nearby your home and local traffic laws allow the bike ride on the roads then consider yourself lucky because an hour of biking with moderate speed can burn more than 500 calories!

Biking your way to work and back can help you burn a significant amount of calories without carving out any additional windows in your daily routine for workout activities.

If this option is not feasible, then some other tricks can also come handy in making your commute a calorie-burning routine. If you go to work in your own vehicle, then try to find a farther parking spot and walk your way to the office. Similarly, if you use public transit for your daily commute, you can get off a station or stop earlier to add some walk or brisk walk to your schedule.

All of the discussed measures are simple and easy to execute, you don’t have to do anything extra to burn calories through these little adjustments.

Walk the Dog

Woman walking a dogHaving a pet in the house can be great for your mood. It also helps in creating an amiable environment in the house.

Moreover, having a pet dog can become a part of your easy calorie-burning routine. Take a walk with your dog a little further than you usually do or go to the nearest dog park. You can burn a nice amount of calories (and is also a good calorie burner for your dog!).

Stairs Over Elevators

Patient at Walter Reed test next-generation prosthesis walking stairsBy walking upstairs, you can burn double the amount of calories as compared to regular walking. Some people walk up four and five flights when at work just to keep their ‘blood running’.
So, just make up your mind to prefer stairs over elevators wherever you go. By making this simple adjustment in your lifestyle, you can burn more calories on daily basis.

Get Your Gardening Done

Person tending to her lawnIf your home has an outdoor space, then you can also put it to use to burn some more calories. Set up a small garden there and take up all its maintenance and sprucing activities on your own. While providing you with a great environmental friendly hobby, light gardening activity (watering, weed removal etc) for half an hour can help you in burning more than 100 calories. You can also grow some seasonal vegetables to save some bucks on your grocery shopping.

Window Shopping

Many people find it very pleasing to roam around in a mall and just check out recent products and fashion articles on display. If you are one of those individuals, then there is good news for you. You can burn roughly 100 calories with just half an hour of window shopping.

Two-Minute Walk Breaks and Lunchtime Wander

Man walking on sidewalkWhile sitting at your desk at work, you don’t need to walk for more than a few seconds throughout your shift. You can make a simple amendment in this stagnant activity to add more of a whole body movement in your working hours.

Add a two-minute window of walking every hour because one research shows that by doing so can counterbalance the detrimental effects of excessive sitting. You can devise a two-minute round-trip from your desk for every working hour. It’s very doable and will help you to prevent in developing a pot belly.

Moreover, don’t spend your lunch break in the same position you sit all day at work. Go out, have some fresh air and take a stroll for 15-20 minutes. It will rejuvenate your mind and also burn few calories.

High Line NYC
Walking the 1.4 mile High Line in New York City is an excellent way to burn off calories and keep that blood pumping

Apart from all these easy daily activities that can help you burn some quick calories, there are some occasional (weekly or fortnightly) activities that can serve the same purpose.

Site seeing, outdoor games or a hike: Explore your surroundings in whichever way you want. Try to schedule any such activity on weekends which can be served as a recreational escape and a way to burn lots of calories.  If you live in or near a big city, why not play tourist and check out all the city has to offer. In addition, just going to the city and walking a good couple of miles is a great calorie burner. In New York City, the borough of Manhattan is designed in grids; that is, every block from north to south is 1/10 of a mile, so every 20 blocks equates to one mile.

Car wash: You can save money and burn calories by cleaning and washing your car on your own.

Bottom Line:

Exercising your body to do daily routines will help you to get rid of those extra calories and keep those vital organs running at optimum levels.