Little-Known Facts About Obesity

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Obesity is one of the most prevalent health concerns of the majority of the US population. According to the statistics furnished by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, around one-third of US adults are overweight. It is a root cause of many diseases. From cardiovascular issues to glucose levels in the blood, obesity contributes to the many health issues that we face in America today.

Being overweight is underlined by excessive fat accumulation in the body and the area which gets more traction than anywhere else is the abdominal region. People suffering from obesity are more worried about the numerous layers of adipose tissues around their abdomen, commonly known as love handles.

Obesity in general and belly fat, in particular, can also have negative side effects on your psychological health. Losing confidence and avoiding social interactions due to the concern of having an ‘imperfect’ body and appearance can affect your life in more than one way. In this article, we will outline some popular and little-known facts associated with belly fat to improve your understanding of the subject.

Belly Fat is the Most Dangerous Among All

Although all types of excessive body fats are bad for your health, it is comparatively more harmful than the others, because the abdominal adipose tissues are rich in chemicals and compounds that can aggravate the issues of diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.

It’s Not Just About Cutting Down Your Calories

Many people try to shrink their waist by cutting down the intake of their daily calories and there are many ways to do this. Excluding the excessive amount of calories from your diet is important to remain fit and healthy, but it doesn’t ensure you will get rid of your belly fat.

The nature of the food you are consuming to fulfill your calorie needs also sets the course of belly fat reduction. Science has established that calories taken from whole grains are healthier than the ones taken from processed wheat and barley. So if you want to reduce your belly fat, reduce your calorie count not just by eating less, but also by consuming healthy food.

Condiments are Helpful in the Fight Against Belly Fat

Aside from enhancing the flavor of meals, certain condiments can also aid to shed your belly fat. For instance, apple cider vinegar has been studied for its effects on people striving to lose those extra pounds. A group of people who are regularly consuming apple cider vinegar along with their diet and exercise routine was successful in reducing more belly fat than the group that was not consuming it.

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Belly Crunches are Not the Answer

There is a widespread misconception that crunches can help you in getting rid of belly fat. This routine is good for making your abdominal muscles strong. However, you would be disappointed if you are exhausting yourself by crunching to lose excess weight in your stomach area. Yes,the exercise in itself will help you to lose calories, but then try aerobic exercises instead of crunches if that is what you are looking to do. 

More Sitting Means More Body Fats

There’s an expression ‘Sitting is the new cancer’. If your lifestyle involves more sitting hours then it’s just a matter of time, you are more prone to acquiring additional weight. One can notice that many adults with desk jobs suffer from pot bellies, thanks to the fat accumulated around the abdomen. If you are entangled in a situation where you are required to sit for extensive hours, then add few minutes of aerobic exercises in your daily routine to offset the harmful effects of sitting.

Brisk walking, jogging, swimming or any gym activity can help you in maintaining this routine. Pick the one which you can easily accommodate in your everyday schedules.

Green Tea Aids in Losing Belly Fat  

Green tea is also a good catalyst for losing weight. However, make sure that you are not just relying on the benefits of green tea. A healthy, low-calorie diet and increased physical activity are essential to reaping the benefits of green tea for burning the fat off.

Obesity in the Abdominal Region Should be Measured in Length  

It sounds strange but if you want to effectively get rid of belly fat, then measure its reduction in inches instead of pounds. Measurement of your waist is a more precise way to gauge the success of your belly fat loss.

Number of Meals is not Proportional to the Amount of Belly Fat

Many people starve themselves in order to reduce the inches around their waist. However, the truth of the matter is that you can eat six meals a day and still shed abdominal fat. But these meals should be small in size and must be filled with healthy nutrients.

Stress is a Belly Fat Facilitator

Aside from taking its toll on your mental health, stress is also a facilitator in accumulating a layer of fat around your belly. It is physiologically underlined by the increased levels of cortisol in the blood circulation. This fight-or-flight hormone provokes untimely cravings for foods rich in fats and calories. For that reason, people with stressful lifestyles may suffer from obesity and pot bellies.

Is Belly Fat a Promoter of Metastasis?

Other than the above-discussed facts associated with belly fat, a recent research shows that it can also promote the development of cancerous tumors in the abdominal region. According to a study published in the Journal named Trends in Immunology, the layer of fat protecting vital organs in the abdominal region can turn into a threat in case of increased belly fat.

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This layer called omentum generally serves homeostasis by inducing inflammatory reactions to heal internal wounds. However, if omentum is covered by more adipose tissues in terms of belly fat then it might provide a sanctuary for cancer cells against the body’s immune response especially in case of ovarian and gastrointestinal cancers. Scientists are still working on the role of omentum and belly fat on the metastasis of cancer tumors. If this research gets substantiated further, then it will be another addition to the long list of detrimental effects of excess fat on the body.

Getting rid of belly fats is not an unattainable task. With the help of determination and effective measures to mend your unhealthy lifestyle habits, you can most certainly get in shape.