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Do you like your coffee hot? There may be more benefits to drinking hot beverages than you might be aware of! Aside from air, water is the most abundant element on planet earth. Every living entity on the face of this earth can’t survive without H2O (yes, even camels). For humans, drinking plenty of water is no doubt healthy, for many different reasons.

However, the debate over human water intake is not ending with the amount of daily water consumed, but also its temperature. For some years, there have been discussions by researchers on the benefits of drinking hot beverages. So, in this article, we will focus on the possible health benefits of drinking some H2O in the less than cooler side.

Before we move ahead, however, let’s discuss the ideal temperature and daily intake of hot water.

Recommended Temperatures and Daily Intake

Don’t get carried away by the term ‘hot’ and start drinking water at such high temperature that it burns your taste buds. The temperature of drinkable hot water should be in between 120 to 140 Fahrenheit. Water with temperature exceeding 160 Fahrenheit is dangerous for human ingestion, so keep in mind these readings if you are going to adopt the habit of drinking your liquids hot.

Regarding the amount of daily intake, it depends on every individual as to how to get the benefits of drinking hot water. Some people drink hot water as the very first thing in the morning.

Others have it periodically consumed throughout the day and few imbibe it before going to bed. You can even have your entire daily water intake with recommended warmer temperatures.

However, you only have to take care of one thing i.e. don’t exceed your healthy daily water intake. Adjust the consumption of hot water in your overall daily intake, instead of going extra.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water Aids Digestive System

Bowel movement is a major concern for a large chunk of the adult population, especially seniors. This problem can be addressed with a natural remedy of drinking more water, preferably hot. The small intestine absorbs the moisture content of solid food particles to fulfill the hydration needs of the body.

However, this homeostatic reaction results in difficult bowel movements leading to chronic constipation. Increased consumption of hot water prevents this dehydration of solid food particles in the small intestine.

Moreover, hot water is more beneficial than regular or cold water in breaking down food particles in the digestive system.

So, consumption of hot water over a long period of time can result in a healthy digestive system with agile digestion and swift bowel movement*. Speak to your family physician to get a precise accounting of how much hot water is good for you.

Detoxification and Improved Circulation

Hot water can instigate certain reactions, which leads to detoxification and better blood circulation. Both these phenomena are associated with healthy beings. The ingestion of hot water actually increases the temperature of the body for a brief moment. The resulting sweating and dilation of pores at this increased body temperature help in extracting toxins out of the body.
With a daily habit of drinking hot water, you can actually set a detoxification routine for your body. A detoxified body means good hair, clear skin, and healthy organs.

Even though it’s inconclusive, hot water momentarily does vasodilation i.e. a physiological reaction where blood vessels get dilated to improve blood circulation. Better circulation helps in relieving the muscle stress which aids in getting rid of chronic pain.

A catalyst for Weight Loss

It has been an established fact for a long time that increased daily intake of water helps in shedding some pounds. There are two factors which make increased water consumption a weight losing activity.

Increased feeling of satiation:

With more consumption of water, a person can kill his/her untimely appetites and cravings to reduce excess calorie intake.

Revved Up Metabolism: Increased water intake also helps in the process of thermogenesis within the body.

Moreover, a research study shows that replacing cold or regular drinking water with hot water can increase the metabolic activity by 40 percent for good 40-50 minutes. A revved up metabolism activity helps in efficient burning of calories which ultimately helps in reducing the weight.

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Helps in Improving the Condition of Sinuses and Cold

Have you ever had a cold and drank some hot tea and felt a bit relieved? Regular consumption of hot water can help with better movement of mucus and congested sinuses. This healthy routine will ultimately help you in alleviating the symptoms of seasonal cold and flu. People with chronic sinus issues might also experience improvement in their aggravated condition*.

Might Help in Reducing the Consumption of Caffeinated Drinks

Coffee and tea are the two most popular global caffeinated drinks. They have also been studied for different health benefits. Nonetheless, the research only shows benefits with moderate consumption, but some people use them excessively which can incur the negative effects.

Risks or Side Effects of Drinking Hot Water

We have covered that drinking water that is too hot can have several repercussions. We are mentioning these side effects here so that one should carefully maintain the aforementioned levels of temperatures for healthy warm water.

Oral Scalding

In early days of enthusiasm, many people went overboard and drank hot water without caring much about its temperature. This reckless activity can lead to oral scalding and can affect your dietary routine for many days.

Injury to Inner Lining of the Digestive Tract

Consumption of hot water over a long period of time with temperatures exceeding healthy levels can damage the lining of the digestive tract. A damaged lining can lead to the onset of ulcer and other digestive complications.

So make sure that you are drinking warm water instead of boiling hot water. Don’t consider consumption of hot water as a medicinal remedy. However, if you are suffering from any serious medical condition, then don’t start drinking hot water without consulting your physician first to avoid any of its counterproductive effects.

*Note: The advice contained within this article is suggestive and is for informational purposes only. The information contained in this article should not be followed without the prior consultation of a medical professional!

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