Perils of Chronic Inflammation

In general, inflammation is one of the human body’s first line of defense triggered by the immune system when it detects an anomaly in its physiology. From localized allergies to viral diseases to physical injuries, inflammation plays a crucial part in the healing processes. For that reason, this reaction is deemed healthy from a medical point of view, since it is considered a warning to the body. However, it is not considered healthy and beneficial anymore if it persists for an extended time period.  

The inflammation that we experience following an injury or disease, lasting for few days or a couple of weeks, is called acute inflammation. This physiological phenomenon is good or rather necessary for our well-being. On the other hand, the same bodily response is bad for your health if it lingers, which is termed as chronic inflammation.

Why is Chronic Stress Bad for Your Health?

Inflammation is the body’s high alert state where it’s trying to maintain the security and defense of the body by different physiological responses. But when this state continues to exist for months or years, then instead of doing any good it starts to act against one’s own body.  

Chronic inflammation can lead to different medical conditions. Arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s can commence due to persisting inflammatory state of the body. Chronic inflammation is not as evident as the acute type. Therefore, one should be aware of some of the signs that might indicate that you are suffering from chronic inflammation.  


Depression is one of the signs of chronic inflammation. Researchers have noted that cardiovascular patients, who are feeling depressed, show signs of higher and persisting inflammation as compared to the patients not having the same psychological turmoil.  

Disturbed Digestive System

Diseases related to the digestive system are one of the telltale signs of chronic inflammation. If you experience sporadic cramps and pain in your abdomen, suffering from constipation or diarrhea without any apparent reason, then it might be a sign of chronic inflammation. Intolerance for gluten-based food items and irritable bowel syndrome are also the subsequent health complications of chronic inflammation.

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Feeling tired after getting done with an entire workday is a regular phenomenon and every healthy individual experiences it. However, if you are feeling exhausted and fatigued all the time even after getting good sleep and a healthy diet then inflammation might be lingering within your body.  

Underlying Reasons of Chronic Inflammation

There are several reasons that might lead to the development of chronic inflammation.

Dietary Habits

Meals rich in processed oils, sugar and fats have become a staple diet in today’s lifestyle. However, the digestive system is not intrinsically designed to process this highly enriched food and has to work too hard to do its job. This increased burden on the stomach, the digestive tract, and metabolism provokes the immune system resulting in the onset of chronic inflammation.  

Physical and Psychological Stress

Stress is also body’s inherent tool that is there for its better survival. But persistent and heightened stress levels can be bad for health in many ways. Chronic inflammation is one of the detrimental byproducts of stress. Psychological stress is highlighted by the release of cortisol, a hormone which puts the body into flight or fight mode. The release of cortisol in blood circulation also put immune system on high alert.  

People with constant emotional stress inadvertently exhaust their immune system, which results in the development of chronic inflammations.

If you are skipping meals, not consuming sufficient nutrients then it moves your body into panic mode, internally causing an inflammatory response. But if you have developed a habit of neglecting your dietary needs and skipping meals, then a prolonged phase of physical stress can also bring about chronic inflammation.  

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance in the body for any reason could also lead to chronic inflammation. It has been often witnessed that menopausal women (imbalance of estrogen and progesterone) often develop the problems of obesity and acne due to chronic inflammation.  

Allergy to Synthetics and Chemicals

People working in an environment decked with different synthetic materials also experience inflammatory responses from their body. This is often caused due to a reaction to the synthetic materials. Moreover, cosmetic products and any airborne chemicals can also cause chronic inflammation.  

A good lifestyle adorned with a healthy diet, plenty of nutrients and stress-free functioning is very helpful in protecting yourself from a detrimental aspect of the immune system called chronic inflammation.

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