Caregiving Made Easier with Technology


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Technology has radically advanced in the 21st century and subsequently, we all have benefited from it in one way or another.  From using smartphones to sitting in self-parking cars to admiring an F-35 stealth fighter fly in the sky, we cannot help but be fascinated by these technological advancements.

And there is one area of advancement that has surprised the expectations of even the best experts. Indeed, the medical field has progressed to the point that people are expected to live to 100. For sure, there are apps and devices available today that can help even the oldest in society and that’s where you come in. By helping your senior citizens learn how to use these devices, they can live a more convenient and comfortable life.  

Advanced devices can make your life as a caregiver much easier. They can also offer greater independence and safety to the people you love.

Most of the technology available in healthcare is user-friendly and setting it up is quite simple. Discuss with the physician of your loved ones or ask other caregivers for help and suggestions. Some doctors have occupational social workers or therapists who can assist in finding the right resources. 

This article entails several ways you can use today’s technology to make caregiving easier. 

Independent Life

Begin with the basic things. For instance, if the person to whom you’re providing care has any physical disability, search for low-tech devices that can provide assistance, like a simple reacher to grab things easily. Even plain tools like a tin opener with easy-to-hold, thick handles can provide a lot of help to a disabled person. These low-tech tools can allow someone to carry out routine tasks which they are not able to do normally without assistance.

Purchase a location tracking system for finding things that can get misplaced. Place a small tag on whatever mostly disappears, like the wallet, glass case, keys or phone of your loved one. They can then use an application or press a button and the tag that you placed on the item will start to beep or ring.

For people who suffer from conditions like Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, apps on tablets and smartphones can make communication easier. There exists special hardware and software that can also be controlled simply with eye movements.

Setting Reminders

Caregivers mostly use digital watches or egg timers to remind their loved ones about taking their medicine or getting ready for their appointment with a doctor.

An app can provide you greater flexibility in scheduling routine tasks. There are many services that allow you to set automatic text messages, phone calls or emails to alert your loved ones when it’s time to take medicine, exercise or check their glucose levels. You can also add personal messages with the reminder to show them how much you care about them.

There are electronic pillboxes available now that’ll get the medicine out automatically through a timer. If your loved one has taken the medicine the advanced electronic pillbox will alert you and you can remotely monitor adherence behavior so that you have added peace of mind.

With prescription management services, custom medications can be delivered in special shipments. Pills are enclosed together according to specific doses that the person may be required to take, like all the pills that are to be taken after a meal will be packaged together while those that are to be taken at night will be enclosed in another separate package. Your loved one will only have to open the package and take the medicine without worrying about a specific dose.  


Medical emergency systems have a pendant or a bracelet with an alarm push button. If your loved one falls or is in trouble, on pushing the button, a call will be made to an emergency service operator. The company will then notify you or send an emergency care provider to help your loved one. Some gadgets can also detect the fall and automatically alert the emergency services.

You can also place buttons in your home in case they ever forget to wear the device. You’ll be charged for the services, but compared to your loved one’s health, the expense is of no value.

Looking After the Person You Care About

Daughter with fatherYou can install motion detectors on doors for added safety. When they are opened, an alarm will sound and you’ll be alerted when someone enters or leave. If you don’t live with your loved one, you can just check these sensors through an online monitoring system.

You can also use pressure sensors to track your loved ones. For example, placing a pressure sensor under the mattress will alert you when the person gets up so that you can check on them.  

Some medical systems are equipped with GPS tracking and you can use this service to find your loved ones in case they ever leave the house without you knowing it.  

The Final Word

If you really care about your loved ones and want to give them the best, you should really consider adopting the latest gadgets. These technological devices will not only make your life as a caregiver easier but will also provide more comfort to your loved ones and make their life easier and safer.

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