Why One Should Adopt Organic Eating Practices

Organic CarrotsIn the past few centuries, starting with the Industrial Revolutions, automation has found its way into just every type of lifestyle. In contrast to the earlier way of living, We have now accepted routines that can be unhealthy and dangerous for us personally and also for our planet. Included in this narrative is the making of our food. From vegetables to chicken to meat, automation and processed foods are commonplace. But there is an alternative. This post discusses eating organic food and why you should adopt to these practices.

What are organic foods?

Organic eating is the revival of dietary practices that don’t contain any tinge of industrial synthesis. Quite simply, it is food processed naturally. The purpose of adopting an organic routine is to provide us with a more healthy alternative and a better environment for us to live in. 

Properties of an organic food

For any food to be organic, there are several requirements that should be fulfilled:

  • It is necessary for organic crops to be grown without the use of any artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Even sewer sludge which is a byproduct of sewage treatment can’t be used to facilitate the growth of organic crops.
  • Any crop or livestock that is genetically modified with the help of biotechnology can’t be considered organic.
  • Crops and livestock treated with growth hormones to get rapid yields can’t be used to make organic food items.
  • Preserving and protecting crops from invasive pests through food irradiation also exclude them from the list of organic foods.
  • Using synthetic and artificial flavors and additives also make foods items ‘inorganic’.

Health benefits of organic food

There are several scientifically tested benefits of organic food items. Not the least of which are healthier for our bodies. But obtaining these natureal food items comes with a price (pun intended); that is, they are about 30% more expensive then the processed foods we are so used to purchasing. Enter the common expression – You get what you pay for!

Let’s take a closer look to see how beneficial organic eating is and then you can make the decision as to whether they are worth the price!

Organic foods are more enriched with micronutrients

Studies have confirmed that organic food contains more micronutrients and antioxidants. It has been estimated that organic food can have up to 60% increased oxidant levels. Since organic foods don’t rely on synthetic external sources of protection, i.e., pesticide sprays and food irradiation. Therefore, they produce chemicals for protection on their own. Majority of these produced chemicals are antioxidants.

Antioxidants are molecules that alleviate the effects of free radicals and prevent cell damage in the human body. Getting the sufficient supply of antioxidants in your daily diet through organic food items helps you to obtain a disease-free healthy life.

Organic foods also contain more micronutrients than regular dietary items. If you are consuming organic items in your diet then you will not need extra supplements of minerals and vitamins.

Organic foods don’t have high levels of nitrate

Regular crops and foods contain high level of nitrates because they are grown with the assistance of synthetic fertilizers. Organic vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, are grown with the help of natural fertilizers which means nitrate content in these products is low.  

High level of nitrates in food is linked to cause different cancers. It also causes newborn problem called methemoglobinemia which affects body’s ability to carry oxygen.

Organic foods contain good fats

More than 50 research studies conclude that organic meat contain more of omega-3 fatty acids and contain less saturated fats than regular meat. Saturated fats are considered bad and associated with various cardiovascular problems. While omega-3 fatty acids belongs to the family of polyunsaturated fat which is considered as good fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are studied for several health benefits including:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reducing risk of cancers
  • Helps in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Prevents asthma in children and young adults

Organic milk and dietary products are also reported to have more omega-3 fatty acids.

There is another reason to prefer organic meat over regular meat. Regular livestock are injected with antibiotics for fast growth. Consuming the meat containing excessive amount of antibiotics causes our immune system to go weak.  

Apart from its health benefits, let’s look into some miscellaneous benefits of organic foods.

Organic foods taste better

It is a widespread perception that organic fruits and vegetables taste better than the regular ones. Since most of these fruits and vegetables are sold fresh without adding any preservative. It helps them to carry their natural taste and texture.

Organic practices ensure a better environment

Producing organic fruits, vegetables and livestock exclude all those practices that are harmful for our ecosystem. With organic eating, you are not only ensuring the optimal level of your own health, but you are contributing to secure a healthier ecosystem.

There are ways to determine if foods are prepossessed, also called refined or not and that is by simply reading the labels. For organic foods, they are usually and proudly displayed on the packaging.

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