Ten Indicators that You May be Addicted to Marijuana

Did you know you can become addicted to marijuana? Consistent use of the drug can lead to an issue known as marijuana use disorder, which can subsequently lead to a form of addiction in some cases. Although not as common or dangerous as other drug addictions; such as opioid use, recent studies have shown that 30 percent of those who use pot may have some degree of this disorder. People who begin taking the drug before the age of 18 are four to seven times more likely to develop a marijuana use disorder than comparatively older people. 

It is quite difficult to assess yourself objectively with regards to judging whether you are addicted to a substance. However there are signs of addiction that are unique to certain drugs. The first step in recovering from any addiction is recognizing that the problem exists. You might not need a rehab center or go through painful withdrawal symptoms, but addicted you may well be if you are subjected to any of the following indicators below:

  • Withdrawal and Tolerance

Humans naturally develop a tolerance for any drug that they consume regularly. The same is the case with weed. What that means is that you need to take more of the drug in order to get the same level of high. What follows from that conclusion is that you are building up a tolerance for that drug. Experiencing tolerance or withdrawal symptoms is a possible sign of marijuana addiction. Withdrawal signs can include insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability and anxiety.

  • Consuming More Than You Intend To

Your initial intention may be to just “take a couple of drags”. But you may end up consuming the entire joint and then going for more. Consuming more than you intend to is an indicator of addiction.

  • Inability to Stop Using Canabis

You may be making an attempt to quit using marijuana and finding that you are not being able to stop as easily. Experiencing a level of difficulty in stopping your habit is an indication that you may be hooked onto the substance.

  • Consuming All of Your Time

Be aware for how you are spending the majority of your free time or worse, during work or school time. Marijuana addicts do not realize it, but much of their time is spent getting high, waiting for the time to get high or trying to procure the drug. Although it draws negative connotations, you may becoming a ‘pot head’. When you get to this point, your addiction can get more problematic as your social lifestyle may be interrupted, as well as failing grades and/or slacking off from your job. Is that what you want?

  • Loss of Interest in Other Activities

To continue from the previous point, marijuana users who become addicted, stop doing other things. Their physical activities decrease along with other recreational activities and are all substituted by getting together with people who consume marijuana and getting high. 

  • Persistently Consuming the Drug

If you continue to consume marijuana before going to school or work, despite having been caught and warned about it, then you could be a subject of marijuana use disorder to some level.

  • Using Marijuana as an Escape Mechanism

If consuming marijuana precedes trying to deal with any problems that you have e.g. relationship issues, work problems etc, then you may be addicted\. This indicates that marijuana is being used to escape the unpleasantness of a current situation. This is more common with alcohol, but take a lesson what happens to some people who go down that path. It is not pleasant.

  • Relying on Marijuana for Creativity, Enjoyment and Relaxation:

If you feel that you need to consume canabis to relax, get in your creative zone or just enjoy yourself, you could be addicted. Regular users are unable to realize that the period of “relaxation” wears off and then they are prone to irritability and anxiety, which could actually lead to violent behavior.

  • Choosing Things to Do or Relationship Partners Based on the Possibility of Marijuana Usage

If the possibility of whether you’ll be able to use marijuana dictates your choice in relationships and activities, it could indicate an addiction to marijuana.

  • Inability to Fulfill Daily Obligations

Regular users of marijuana start to fall short on attending to any daily responsibilities that they may have. Thinking about them may lead to irritation as they perceive them to be larger than they actually are. This is because their minds are on getting high; an indication of being addicted.

Bottom Line

If you are taking marijuana, you must be aware of the consequences, both within your own body and indirectly, how you may be affecting others, you friends, family, school and workplace. In addition, whether you are addicted to the drug or not, do not drive or work machinery that could be harmful to you or others. And one more thing – marijuana is illegal in most states!

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