Health Benefits of Plain Baked Potatoes

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Contrary to what many people believe, potatoes are one of the most healthy diet options. They have gotten a bad reputation due to the popularity of Paleolithic diets and low-carb diets. However, the fact is that as long as you watch the portions and number of carbohydrates contained in the potatoes, they won’t harm your body.

In fact, due to the various health benefits, potatoes should be a staple part of your diet. Here we will shed light on some of the great health benefits of including potatoes in your diet.

Nutritional Facts
1 cup of baked tomatoes (173 grams)
Calories: 161
Vitamin B6 32% DV
Potassium 26% DV
Copper  22% DV
Vitamin C  22% DV
Manganese  19% DV
Phosphorus 17% DV
Fiber  15% DV
Vitamin B3  15% DV
Vitamin B5  13% DV

Fat Free

Plain potatoes contain no fat content. This makes them a much healthier alternative to French fries, butter-roasted potatoes, and fried potatoes. You can eat to your full without worrying about getting fat. You can add tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic to make them more tasty and appetizing.

Good Source of Fiber

Potatoes are a good source of fiber. A single potato can fulfill 8 percent and 12 percent daily fiber needs of men and women, respectively. Fiber is essential for absorption of nutrients in the food. What’s best about baked and boiled potatoes is that they have both insoluble and soluble fiber that are great for health. Insoluble fiber  allows waste to easily pass through the digestive tract, while soluble fiber helps control cholesterol levels.

High Mineral Content

Potatoes are a mineral powerhouse. They contain dozens of minerals that are required for proper functioning of the body. They are a rich source of potassium, copper, vitamin B6 and C. They also contain manganese, phosphorous, vitamin B3, and B5.

Lower Blood Pressure

A team of UK scientists at the Institute of Food Research had found that potatoes contain a compound known as kukoamines. This compound is beneficial in reducing blood pressure. It works at a physiological level in reducing blood pressure. Thus, consuming potatoes reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Potatoes are a great source of many essential minerals and vitamins. Consuming boiled, mashed, or baked potatoes can provide a number of health benefits. Like any food item, you should avoid consuming large portions of potatoes. While the potatoes have low calorie content, they are high in carbohydrates. Diabetic patients are particularly recommended to watch their intake of the vegetable.

Lastly, you should avoid baking or frying potatoes for a long time. The reason is that starchy food items like potatoes release acrylamide when cooked for too long. This compound is harmful for the body. It’s recommended that you limit the baking time to less than 20 minutes to avoid any adverse health effects.

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