Amazing Health Benefits of Mangos Explored

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Mango is an amazing fruit that is packed with many essential vitamins and minerals. The fruit belongs to the drupe family—a type of fruit in which the shell surrounds the fleshy part with seeds inside. It is the most widely consumed fruit all over the world and one that you should simply not avoid.

This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. It also contains a healthy amount of probiotic fiber, copper, potassium, and magnesium. A cup of mangos contain only about 105 calories making it a perfect fruit for maintaining a healthy weight.  

You should consider adding mango in your daily diet. Consuming the fruit has been linked to reduced risk of many chronic diseases. Here we will explore the various health benefits of including the fruit in your diet.  

1. Improve Immune System

Mango can fulfill about 76 percent of vitamin C and 25 percent of vitamin A requirements. Plus the fruit contains carotenoids. These minerals and vitamins help in keeping the immune system strong and healthy.  

2. Prevent Cancer

Studies have highlighted that mangoes can reduce the risk of cancer. The antioxidant compounds present in mango has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate, breast, and colon cancer. The fruit is abundant in enzymes and compounds that help in fighting cancer.  

3. Cleanses Skin

Mangos can also help clear clogged pores. This will prevent pimples to appear on the face. You can obtain the benefits both when you eat the fruit and also when you apply mango paste on the face.

4. Decrease Cholesterol Levels  

The presence of vitamin C, pectin, and fiber in mango help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. The enzymes and compounds are particularly helpful in reducing Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) levels in the body. This results in improved cardiovascular health.  

5. Boost Eye Health

Mangos contain ample amount of vitamin A. This vitamin helps maintain good eyesight. It prevents dry eyes and night blindness. Consuming only a cup of sliced mangoes a day will have beneficial effects on your eyes.  

6. Promotes Digestion

Mangos contain enzymes that help in synthesis of food. They break down protein and other vital elements in the food items. Eating a mango a day can improve your metabolism providing important nutrients from food to the body.

7. Prevents Heat Stroke

Consuming mangos is particularly recommended during hot summer months. Drinking mango juice helps in cooling down the body. Additionally, the fruit is said to help remove harmful toxins from the body that prevents overheating.  

In conclusion, mangos can serve as a great addition to fruit salads. It will provide you with a number of essential vitamins and enzymes that promotes body health. They contain an impressive amount of vitamin A, C and flavonoids including beta-cryptoxanthin, alphacarotene and betacarotene.

Consuming a mango a day can reduce the likelihood of a number of deadly diseases including cancers and cardiovascular problems. Just avoid eating excessive amounts of the fruit as it contains fructose that can be harmful to the body in large amounts.  

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