Skinny Jeans are a Health Hazard, says Medical Experts

Are tight jeans a health risk?
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The ubiquitous skinny jeans have been the legwear of choice among both men and women for years. However, it appears that the habit of wearing skin tight jeans can result in a host of health problems such as bladder weakness, twisted testicles, and urinary tract infections.

In this article, we will look at the recent studies that have criticized skinny jeans and deemed them a big health hazard. The fashionable denim may look appealing on a person as it accentuates the bulges and curves. But once you know about the health hazards of wearing jeans, you will think twice before wearing them.  

The Health Risks of Wearing Skinny Jeans

Most people admit that they wear jeans to look good sacrificing comfort for style. But now studies have warned that these clothes can cause serious damage to the muscles and nerves. According to a study published by TENA – a company that sells clothes designed to stay in control of urine leakage – one in 10 men surveyed had reported unpleasant effects of wearing tight jeans.   

The study found that wearing skinny jeans restricts the movement of the testicles. As a result, the spermatic cord that holds the testicles can twist leading to testicular torsion. This can cut off the blood supply to the region that may require immediate surgery – or even removal of the testicle.  

According to medical experts, people should leave adequate room around the groin area. The trousers should not feel tight or restrict movement of the testicles in any way.  

Apart from damaging the testicles in men, wearing skinny jeans might also be bad for the back. This statement was made by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA).  

Tim Hutchful, BCA chiropractor, most people don’t know that clothing and certain accessories can badly affect their posture and back health. Many people tend to decide their outfit choice based on fashion instead of comfort. However, popular and trendy clothing can have hidden impact on health.

Skinny jeans are known to restrict movement in areas such as knees and hips. The clothing prevents blood from flowing properly to these areas. As a result, the person may develop painful joint conditions.

In the End

It’s not the skinny jeans that increase the risks of painful health conditions. Any clothing or items such as heavy jewelry, oversized sleeves, large hoods, asymmetric hemlines, and others that restrict the movements in any way can have a negative impact on your back, neck, and posture. Large hoods make you strain the neck to clearly see ahead, while tight-fitting asymmetric hemlines restrict your movement.  

In order to avoid the health risks, individuals are advised to prefer comfort over style. Trying to look trendy and chic by wearing tight-fitting clothes can make you crippled in the long run. Sacrificing comfort just for the looks is not worth it in the end.  

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