The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Explored

Apple Cider offers various benefits that go beyond improving the taste of the food. It is considered to offer a number of health benefits from improving blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and even reducing weight.

Here we will take a close look at some of the benefits of Apple Cider that are confirmed by studies published in reputable journals.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider

A Japanese study examined the effect of acetic acid on obese individuals. The researchers carried on a double blind trial on the individuals that had the same waist measurement and body weight. Their study concluded that people that drank half an ounce of apple vinegar drink for 12 weeks gained less body fat as compared to those that did not consume it.

Also, a study published in Diabetes Care found that taking two tbsp. of apple cider before going to bed with a snack can lower blood sugar levels in diabetic individuals. The researchers examined men and women suffering from diabetes type 2. They found that people who consumed apple cider with a snack such as one ounce of cheese had improved blood sugar levels. The results were found to be significant when they paired the snack with two tablespoons of water instead of the apple cider.

In another study that examined the effects of apple cider, it was found that people that had a high risk of diabetes were able to reduce the blood sugar level by half, while the diabetic people were able to reduce the blood sugar levels by nearly 25 percent.

Apart from reducing the blood sugar level, apple cider can also help in maintaining a healthy weight. One study published in a reputable journal found that the mice that were fed a diet containing acetic acid developed 10 percent less fat as compared to those that were not fed acetic acid. The findings of the study suggest that acetic acid trigger enzymes that accelerate the breakdown of fat and prevent accumulation of excess fat.


Apple cider offers several health benefits that have been proven in various studies. Including acetic acid in the diet not only results in reduced risk of diabetes, improved cardiovascular health, and better weight control.

You can also include apple cider in your diet as the main ingredient to main dishes or salad. A simple recipe is adding one tbsp. of apple cider and lemon juice each, a half tsp. of chopped garlic, black pepper, and chopped basil leaves. You can also drizzle over broad beans, fresh leafy greens, and chilled or cooked potatoes for a more flavorsome dish.

However, keep in mind that consuming apple cider alone won’t offer health benefits. Consider it as one of the pieces of a health and wellness jigsaw puzzle, and not a cure for diseases. It’s better to implement a well-balanced and healthy diet for optimal health benefits.

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