Unusual Diseases You Might Not Know About

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a disease is “an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant : a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally”.

Most people are familiar with diseases such as cancer, diabetes and parkinson’s, there are numerous illnesses that many have not heard of.


No doubt all of us have gone through a feeling when we think that the other person loves us madly the way we do but it isn’t so. When it comes to Erotomania, it is something different. This disease takes infatuation entirely to a next level.

This type of disease makes an individual think that a high profile person such as a celebrity is madly in love with them and pulling out all stops to make contact with them. The scariest part of this disease is that the patient’s feeling can be very overwhelming. This delusion is really difficult to break as the person remains unconvinced, no matter how hard you try to convince them.  

Erotomania is different from the illness attributed to John Hinckley, the shooter of Ronald Reagan. In this case, this person was obsessed with actress Jodi Foster, but had no illusion that she was not obsessed with him. According to psychiatrists, Hinckley was suffering from narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Do not misunderstand this type of disease with its colloquial terms. It is not a disorder where dead people rise and walk all along. It is a belief by an individual that they are dead and do not exist in the world any more. This type of feeling usually occurs when one is extremely depressed or has gone in a shocked state because of a tragic incident.

Also, this can happen due to drug psychosis. Often this illness is misunderstood by Capgras Syndrome, where individuals believe that someone else has replaced their life as a duplicate. Walking corpse syndrome is a mental disorder that does not let a person recognize themselves. Hence individuals affected with this disease convince themselves that they are dead.


Pica is a kind of disorder in which people are forced to eat things that do not have any food substances such as paint or wood, or any nutritional value. This disease has further four types, including Geophagy, eating soil, dirt and clay, Trichophagia, consuming hair and wool, Coprophagy, consuming feces, Hyalophagia, eating glass, and Urophagia, consuming urine. This type of disease can be very dangerous to health as an individual consumes elements that must not be consumed by hum

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