Four Common Childhood Illnesses and How to Treat Them

Ricard Canals 'Sick Child'
Ricard Canals 1876 – 1931 Barcelona ‘Sick Child’

You have just welcomed your new born into the world and you do everything possible to keep your child safe. Unfortunately, babies and newborns are bound to catch something, no matter how hard we try to protect them. The idea of course is to protect them from the viruses that lurk out there as much as we can. Here are some common diseases and illnesses faced by children and how to properly treat them.


This is a very common type of illness among children. Even though you may not be familiar with its name, in layman terms, it is a tummy ache. Additionally, it can lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain if things are not handled correctly. This type of disease normally comes as a result of the variety of viruses inside the stomach of children. If your child faces this problem, it is suggested that he/she drink water;* however, not very much, as it sickens the child. In this case, it is ideal to give them a tablespoon of electrolyte solution, gradually increasing the amount with every serving. You can also give them fruits to cure this illness.


Flu can really make your child weak as it gives chills to the body, makes the throat sore, causes a headache and may also result in diarrhea. Children often suffer from Influenza during winter times but your child always comes back to their normal routine if you schedule annual flu vaccines to cure it. You can administer it as a shot as well as spray if your child is over 2 years old. Doctors recommend visiting them in case children are facing symptoms of Influenza, just to be on the safe side.


Normally, the symptoms of Roseola among children are really minor and it might be difficult for you to understand if they are under the weather. This illness usually comes with coughing, congestion, high fever and itchy rashes on the chest. In addition, Roseola remains for at least a week. If you see things going out of hand, you should always visit your doctor. In the meantime, you can give your child ibuprofen to relieve them of the pain temporarily.

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

We see children putting their hands and feet in their mouth routinely. They usually do this because they have a habit of taking things in mouth, unintentionally acquiring germs by doing so. As children, they do not know this, but this can cause serious problems in their mouth, which can be in form of sore. Those sores in their mouth come along with red blisters and usually last for a week or so. These sores can be really painful for the children but like other diseases, can be cured by acetaminophen or children’s ibuprofen. You can also give your child ice pops in this case but avoid giving them acidic juices as they can be harmful.

Time to Visit the Doctor

Nowadays, even the smallest diseases among children can become serious; so, you need to be really attentive and careful when it comes to your child’s health.

If your child is facing any of the diseases listed above, you must not wait; you should immediately make an appointment for your nearest pediatrician and start following the recommended instructions and prescription given by the physician.

*Disclaimer. This article is for information purposes only. Any information provided here should be confirmed by a qualified medical professional at all times.

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